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Black Ops 6 zombies: Everything you need to know

Zombies are back in Black Ops 6

On the hunt for information on the Black Ops 6 zombies mode? This guide contains all the intel. 

With attention slowly turning towards the launch of Black Ops 6, fans are patiently waiting to slay endless waves of the undead along with a single-player campaign and multiplayer featuring Omnimovement which also features in zombies.

Without further ado, here are all the details we know about Black Ops 6 zombies.

Does Black Ops 6 have zombies?

Yes. Black Ops 6 will mark the return of zombies much to the delight of players looking for their co-op fix. Treyarch is synonymous with Call of Duty zombies so it's no surprise to see the developer reintroduce the undead once again.

Black Ops 6 zombies characters

The squad from Black Ops Cold War zombies is back alongside a brand-new character. Here's the full list of characters: 

  • Maya Aguinaldo
  • Grigori Weaver
  • Elizabeth Grey
  • Mac Carver

Character selection will offer a more in-depth experience than previous titles. Characters will feature unique voice lines, interactions with other characters and enemies, and their own set of information for players to discover as the story progresses.

Black Ops 6 zombies storyline

The Black Ops 6 zombies storyline continues the Dark Aether narrative that first appeared in Black Ops Cold War. At the end of the story, players discovered the Requiem director was Richtofen who betrayed the unit by sending them to various locations. 

Black Ops 6 is set five years after Black Ops Cold War and sees Dr. Peck acquire a boat in Japan to rescue "old friends" from a research facility. Maya is a brand-new character in zombies and will assist Peck in freeing Weaver, Grey, and Carver.

Black Ops 6 zombies GobbleGums

GobbleGums are back in Black Ops 6 zombies. Players can start their undead journey with the upper hand with access to 12 single-use GobbleGums by pre-ordering the Vault Edition.

Details on the abilities they provide haven't appeared yet but there's a high chance Treyarch shares more information during COD Next 2024 in August.

Black Ops 6 zombies maps

Black Ops 6 zombies will launch with two maps. Liberty Falls is set in West Virginia following a Dark Aether-based incident in the Appalachian Mountains with a squad sent there to investigate.

The second map is Terminus which is otherwise known as the Blacksite 13 facility. Set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Peck leads an operation to rescue the three remaining characters. Players must escape the island in order to survive the undead threat.

That's all there is to know about Black Ops 6 zombies so far. For more, check out the Black Ops 6 timeline and the gun list  showcasing the confirmed and rumored arsenal.

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