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Black Ops 6 map list: All confirmed maps

Here are all the maps in Black Ops 6 multiplayer

Black Ops 6 player wearing a gas mask while aiming with an SMG

Call of Duty's battlefields often make or break the popularity of a game which is why there's plenty of interest on the Black Ops 6 map list.

The hype surrounding the launch of Black Ops 6 is starting to build following Treyarch unveiling intel on the single-player campaign and the innovative Omnimovement system that's bound to create clips perfect to view in theater mode.

During the Xbox Showcase, the developer unveiled some details on the maps arriving in Black Ops 6 at launch and we've got everything there is to know about them in this guide.

How many maps are in Black Ops 6?

At launch, Black Ops 6 will feature 16 multiplayer maps. The Call of Duty blog describes these maps as "brand new," meaning there are no signs of any remakes or remasters just yet. Multiplayer will feature 12 core maps for 6v6 matches and 4 Strike maps which are for 2v2 as well as 6v6 gameplay.

As the cycle progresses, we'll update the total Black Ops 6 map count as new ones are added into the game.

Black Ops 6 map design

Treyarch has also confirmed the maps will focus on a three-lane structure similar to some of the most iconic battlegrounds in the entire franchise. This is great news for both casual players who can easily predict where the enemy is coming from and for competitive players wanting a balanced playing field.

Black Ops 6 confirmed map list

Below is a full list of confirmed maps appearing in Black Ops 6 multiplayer: 

  • Nuketown

Nuketown was spotted during a short clip during the Black Ops 6 direct by eagle-eyed players. Other than that, Treyarch has showcased several unnamed maps set in a luxury house, shopping complex, a broken satellite station, and a small market town.

The maps are set following the events of the Black Ops 6 campaign, meaning players can play through the missions to understand why the maps have their respective looks.

That's all there is to know about the Black Ops 6 map list so far. For more, check out our guides on how the prestige system works and whether the game features SBMM.

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