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How to dive in Black Ops 6

Here's a closer look at how to dive in Black Ops 6

Black Ops 6 players slidiing and diving with swimming pool in background

Knowing how to dive in Black Ops 6 is bound to make all the difference when attempting to outplay an opponent during a match

Black Ops 6 is the first Call of Duty title to feature Omnimovement, a brand-new movement system allowing players to sprint, dive, and slide in all directions. The system is bound to increase the pace of play along with creating numerous opportunities to create memorable plays perfect for viewing in theater mode.

Find everything there is to know about how to dive in Black Ops 6 using this handy guide.

How to dive in Black Ops 6

Diving in Call of Duty is an incredibly straightforward process for players to perform during the heat of battle. Simply press and hold the keybind on the keyboard or Circle/B on a PlayStation or Xbox controller to dive.

Diving is a great way of taking cover quickly and another method of outplaying an opponent. With Black Ops 6 having the ability to fire any weapon from the gun list while diving, the mechanic will be integral for those looking to master the movement in multiplayer and zombies.

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Is Black Ops 6 diving meta?

It's too early to tell whether diving in Black Ops 6 will possess any kind of benefits. In Modern Warfare 3, the favored movement mechanic was slide cancelling and the ability to perform two jumps in quick succession. We'll have to wait and see how Treyarch has decided to balance sliding and diving so one doesn't become overpowered.

That's all there is to know about how to dive in Black Ops 6 so far. For more, check out the latest intel on prestige and whether the game features SBMM.

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