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APAC Week 7 Preview: Gaimin Gladiators and Knights in straight fight for final APAC spot at Berlin Major

APAC’s final week is here.

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DWG KIA and SANDBOX face off after clinching Berlin Major spots

DWG KIA and SANDBOX Gaming will meet today in the server in a watered-down Korean derby after both teams qualified for Berlin last week.

While this could have been a fight for seeding or for the Major itself, it’s now a bit pointless. Mathematically speaking, DWG KIA can’t be dethroned from first, so no matter what happens, SANDBOX are going to stay in second. As such, it is likely both teams play at a far lower level than they would otherwise to hide their Berlin Major strategies.

DWG could obtain another regulation-time victory of the stage today, as they are set to complete a perfect split – seven games played, seven regulation victories.

Four-way battle for third and fourth

Meanwhile, CYCLOPS athlete gaming, REJECT, Talon Esports, and Fnatic still have the opportunity to finish among the top four and be awarded with SI Points.

In the final match of the stage, CAG will play REJECT in an all-Japan curtain call. CAHG are currently two points ahead, which means that REJECT need a regulation victory to finish in third and get 205 SI Points.

Fnatic and Talon Esports will also play each other and the winners will at least finish in fifth. Although fifth will not give either team SI Points, a regulation loss for REJECT would give both Fnatic and Talon Esports the chance to overtake them and sneak in the top four.

Gaimin Gladiators and Knights face off for a Berlin ticket

Both Gaimin Gladiators and Knights head into this week of action with the chance to make it to Berlin -- and both play each other in the first game of the final play day.

Gaimin Gladiators are currently in second place with 13 points, while Knights sit in third with 11. To qualify, the Indonesian roster needs to at least force overtime, while the Australians need a regulation victory.

The Gladiators have a had a shockingly good record this season and have seemingly come out of nowhere after their APAC South debut in Stage 1. They have scored points in every match except in their clash against Elevate, where they lost 4-7. Meanwhile, the Knights have lost to Elevate and FURY.

Razaan “Ape” Adiprakasa and Jose “Jo” Iman have been the team’s best players this stage, giving the team a multitude of kills and seven clutches. Glen “Lunarmetal” Suryasaputra’s Knights have the experience in their favor, though, with Joshua “Jsh” Coombes and Riley “Sitgs” Mills their two best performers.

Invictus and Dire Wolves play for third

While Invictus Gaming can no longer qualify for Berlin, they have the chance to finish in third and secure 205 SI Points.

Against them, are Stage 1 champions Dire Wolves. After qualifying for the Charlotte Major, the Taiwanese couldn’t follow up their 7-0-0-0 Stage 1 with a top two finish.

It is worth noting that Dire Wolves have pushed all this stage’s games to round 12 at least and have gone to overtime twice. Comparing it with Invictus’ record of five overtimes played this season, it’s likely that we see the team’s sixth on Thursday.

The Taiwanese squad needs a regulation victory to overtake Invictus in the standings, while an overtime would be enough for iG to defend third. FURY, who play against Elevate, or even Wildcard Gaming, who face Chiefs, could overtake Dire Wolves in the standings as well depending on the scorelines.

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