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Six Invitational 2019: New Operators ‘Gridlock’ and ‘Mozzie’ Fully Revealed

The season reveal of Operation Burnt Horizon adds two new operators to the Rainbow Six lineup - Gridlock and Mozzie.

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Operation Burnt Horizon takes us to the Australian desert on the new map ‘Outback’ with the addition of two new operators that will surely mix up the meta. Although there is an operator for each side of attack and defence, the two operators greatly impact the information game for both sides of the game. Players in Operation Burnt Horizon will now need to be even more wary of their surroundings to avoid giving the opposing team crucial information on their whereabouts.

Gridlock Kit

First there is Gridlock, the one speed/three armour attacker that will keep you on your toes when attempting a flank. Her kit consists of a primary loadout of either the F90 assault rifle or the M249 SAW LMG. For her choice of secondary, she can utilize either the SDP 9MM pistol or the Super Shorty shotgun. This choice to give an attacker a secondary shotgun provides attackers with another alternative to operators such as Sledge or Ash for soft breach potential.

Gridlock’s gadget choices are either smoke grenades or breach charges. Given her choice of secondary and gadgets, it is possible that her loadout will be used in a similar fashion to Jackal’s with his secondary shotgun that is useful in soft destruction, coupled with smoke grenades to aid in plant scenarios.

Gridlock Ability

Gridlock’s ability, named the TRAX Stingers, will enable attackers to better hold flank from potential roaming defenders. The device is a throwable that deploys multiple small web-shaped traps that contain barbs to both damage and slow down the enemy defenders. Think of this as Ying's candelas that deploy clusters when thrown. As soon as the main device is thrown, it grows in clusters to cover a large area. It is possible to shoot and destroy the device, but like claymores, its purpose is probably more in line with giving the attackers the information of a potential flank through the sound cue of shooting the device. If the device is properly placed, then the attackers should be able to guard their flank effectively and prepare for an ensuing flank.

Mozzie Kit

The second operator is Mozzie, the two speed/two armour defender that will make attackers be more careful with their drone placement. His kit consists of a primary loadout of either the Commando 9 assault rifle or the P-10 RONI SMG. For his choice of secondary, he can use either the SDP 9MM pistol or the Super Shorty shotgun.

This choice of secondary allows added flexibility for the defenders as he can utilize the secondary shotgun for constructing rotation holes or lines of sight within the bombsite. His gadgets include either barbed wires or a nitro cell which will allow players to choose whichever gadget fits their playstyle.

Mozzie Ability

Mozzie’s ability, named the PEST Launcher, will force attackers to be more wary in how they utilize their drones. The device utilizes slingshot-deployed bugs that latch onto drones. Mozzie can either directly engage the drone by shooting the pests with the launcher at the drones or by intelligently placing them around heavily droned areas. Once latched on, the pests hijack the drone, rendering the attackers unable to further utilize it as it will be under Mozzie’s control. The PEST Launcher can even hack Twitch drones to zap attacker gadgets. When piloting the drone, attackers will receive a visual warning that the drone is near one of Mozzie’s pests. This means that careless attackers could forfeit their drones to the defenders to use for information gathering.

Once under Mozzie’s control, the drone will emit a blue light that signals to attackers that it is under Mozzie’s control. This ability will provide the defenders with crucial information as it hinders the attacker’s drone economy and provides crucial information for the defenders.

These two new operators will surely enhance the meta and bring exciting new changes to both the competitive and casual scenes of the game. These operators will blur the lines between attack and defence as players will need to focus on intel and how it is being handled by each side. We will soon see how these operators are used as the Test Server goes live on February 18.