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BKN Leaves Evil Geniuses

In a shock move, Evil Geniuses releases longtime coach BKN.

In a shock announcement earlier today, Evil Geniuses announced the departure of their longtime coach BKN. He had been with the team since their days as Continuum, and had been a coach for PENTA Sports (now G2 Esports) before that. He is the most successful coach in the professional Rainbow Six scene, second only to Shas from G2.

The news was announced Evil Geniuses' official Twitter and Facebook pages. Initally the announcement had reflected that BKN had been ‘released’ from the team, before it was edited to say that he ‘departed’ from the team.

No official statement from any of the Evil Geniuses players has been made at the time of writing.

In his own statement, BKN said on Twitter that it was “a player decision that came out of nowhere” and that he is currently looking for a new team to coach.