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All of SiegeGG’s Six Invitational 2022 coverage in one place

As the 2022 Six Invitational kicks into gear, here’s a roundup of all SiegeGG’s event coverage released so far.

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On February 8th the next Six Invitational will kick off in Stockholm, Sweden where 20 teams will battle to lift the hammer and earn the "world champions" distinction. 

Both before and during the event SiegeGG will be busy interviewing the teams, covering the breaking changes, and giving further insight into the action taking place across this tournament. For a full rundown on all our released coverage check out below:

Breaking News

A number of key stories rose around the Six Invitational in the last few weeks:

Six Invitational 2022: Everything we know so far
Y7S1: Attacker repick, TDM mode coming immediately, new map later in season
Six teams affected by COVID-19 positive tests at SI
Six Invitational 2022 moved to Sweden, no audience, co-streaming allowed
Paluh becomes first player to break plus 1000 career kill differential
Psycho notches 1,000 tier-one LAN kill milestone in opening map against MNM

Day 10 Coverage (Top 4)

Top 6 R6 Plays | Day 10
"It's all about mentality": JoYStiCK, Empire, complete 2-1 thriller over TSM FTX
“My team and I are prepared for everything”: FaZe Clan ready to face final day of competition

Day 9 Coverage (Top-6)

FaZe Clan beat Soniqs 2-0, advance to lower bracket semifinals
“We tried neutralizing Paluh and Nesk, it kinda worked”: Faallz on MiBR’s victory over Team Liquid, MiBR lower bracket run unstoppable

Day 8 Coverage (Top-8)

Top 6 R6 Plays | Day 8
Red-hot MiBR throttle Oxygen, advance to lower bracket quarterfinals
FaZe Clan follows MiBR example, sends another North American side home
Statistically-balanced Empire send Soniqs to lower bracket, advance to face TSM FTX
Brazilian kryptonite TSM FTX evaporate Liquid from upper bracket

Day 7 Coverage (Top-16)

Top 6 R6 Plays | Day 7
Oxygen execute blistering Clubhouse attack to defeat DWG KIA
"It’s do or die at this point" Oxygen dispatch MNM, advance to face DWG KIA
"Map two and map three attacks seemed twice as good": DarkZero eliminate NAVI, move on to rematch FURIA
"It was a very meaningful match for us": DarkZero roll FURIA 2-0 to advance
“We are focused game by game”: Guille speaks after defeating two SI champions on the same day
"We studied NiP a lot on Kafe": MIBR upset SI 2021 champions NiP, will face Spacestion Gaming
FaZe Clan unfazed by Elevate’s chaotic Siege
“We feel like our gun skill is better than theirs”: Elevate upsets Rogue and will face FaZe Clan later today

Day 6 Coverage (Playoff Day 1)

Top 6 R6 Plays | SI 2022 Day 6
Column: It may not last, but today was NA's day
SI 2022 Playoff first round matchups between second and third seeds revealed
Every notable stat from the Six Invitational playoffs in one place
TSM FTX knock FURIA into lower bracket, gear up to face Liquid
“We are here to show that we can win it”: Beaulo on TSM’s title credentials following win over SI 2021 champions NiP
"Comebacks are always on the table for us": Composed Spacestation advance past NAVI
"This is no shocker to us": Grxyr, Soniqs, advance to upper bracket semifinals
Soniqs adapt to defeat Elevate, will face DWG KIA
FaZe Clan knock Oxygen to lower bracket, advance to face Liquid
"They don't feel nothing": Liquid's youthful duo guide team to dominating win over FaZe
Team Empire run in the winners bracket well alive, will face Soniqs in group stage match replay


Day 5 Coverage

Day 4 Coverage

Top 6 R6 Plays | SI 2022 Day 4
Six Invitational 2022 Key Takeaways: Day four
Column: The regional gap is rapidly closing, and good teams playing good Siege is better for the esport
SANDBOX, oNe, BDS, and NAVI at risk of locking in last place finishes
"We came out flat": DarkZero leaning on veteran experience to correct "slow" start
“We are ready to face all the threats”: Empire’s transition from online to LAN slow but steady
New-look Liquid taking first international tournament together a game at a time

Day 3 Coverage

Top 6 R6 Plays | SI 2022 Day 3
Six Invitational 2022 Key Takeaways: Day three
Column: Either all of the "absent player" excuses for poor performance are valid, or none of them are
"We are definitely not sleeping on [CAG]": Spacestation looking to finish 'Group of Death' strong
“The way how people play the game has changed”: FaZe Clan back on action following overtime loss to SSG
Rogue bullish on momentum following CAG win
“Everyday you play against a different type of Siege”: Na’Vi between a rock and a hard place after first matches
Elevate on tackling debut pressure: “We just played SI just like another day in Ranked”

Day 2 Coverage

Top 6 R6 Plays | SI 2022 Day 2
Six Invitational 2022 Key Takeaways: Day two
HUNTER COOKE: Looking for a rooting interest at SI? Choose MNM, the feel-good story of the tournament
“We knew what they were doing, but we couldn’t counter them”: Alem4o and Lagonis detail first two matches of SI 2022
Twister on BDS victory: “Teams can keep banning Finka, we don’t [mind]”
"We just had a failure to close out the last 30 seconds": Soniqs detail Empire loss, rest of group stage hopes
Will SI 2022 finally be Oxygen’s time to shine? With a full roster, they think so
SANDBOX’s Static on victory over NiP: “We were surprised because it wasn't surprisingly difficult”
CYCLOPS confident they’re better than their Korean rivals ahead of their SI 2022 debut

Day 1 Coverage

Top 6 R6 Plays | SI 2022 Day 1
Six Invitational 2022 Key Takeaways: Day one
Column: The APAC era isn't here yet - but it might be just around the corner
DWG, Houndbird confident in their preparation as they aim for APAC’s first grand-final
"I think it’s pretty motivating": TSM FTX raring to finally get going at SI
“Actually, they [SANDBOX] were quite explosive”: NiP detail Invitational-opening upset loss
“Many of the teams that are here, like they are actually afraid”: MNM Gaming confident they'll upset opponents

Pre-Event Interviews & Breakdowns

Before the tournament began, we also interviewed many of the teams taking part:

“We are very passionate, we don’t take anything for granted”: cameraman on team’s road to international glory
“We are trying to not think about how far we can get”: Reduct expects MIBR to give its best after rollercoaster year
“We know how to come back from a loss and face adversity”: Learning from any experience is NiP’s winning formula
Paluh on Team Liquid’s changes and SI preparation: “AsK brings adaptability, something our team was really weak at”
“We may have practiced more than other teams”: Lagonis on his team’s number "oNe" professional season
"The difference between FURIA and the other teams is experience": FURIA aim for another international season
Pojoman details decision to make Merc IGL, TSM FTX's SI chances
"Gradually our expectations for ourselves improve": NAL champion Soniqs, supr, ready to show further improvement at SI
"It’s raging at this point": Fired-up Spacestation looking to break cycle at SI
"We just needed time to click": Canadian, DarkZero, think time has improved form
"You’re gonna play a different OXG every day”: Flexibility, unpredictability keys to Oxygen's international success
“We want to show that we can compete on LAN”: Doki on NAVI's up and down 2021
“We don’t have that pressure, and it’s working out”: neLo on MNM Gaming’s climb to international competition in matter of months
Not a "favorite"? No problem for BDS, says BiOs
Adapt or die: Empire is back in Sweden after November’s group stage disappointment
"When we’re playing aggressive, it’s difficult to shut us down": Rejuvenated Rogue refining basics, adding wrinkles before SI
DWG KIA looking to take things "step-by-step", aiming for grand final appearance at Six Invitational 2022
EnvyTaylor states modest SI 2022 goal for SANDBOX, reveals plans for Nova to move to coaching role afterwards
"I think we are well prepared for the SI": Elevate ready for long-overdue international berth
CAG keenly aware of small missteps in 2021, eager to extract maximum returns from SI 2022


Pre-Event Analysis

Finally, we took a deeper look into the upcoming games:

Be sure to keep checking back here at SiegeGG for even more coverage of the games themselves as they take place over the next few weeks.