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Rainbow Six Extraction: Everything we know (release date, operators, gameplay)

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming soon. Here's everything you need to know.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow 6 Extraction has been a long time coming for fans of the intense FPS series. 

The R6 community first heard of Extraction in 2018 when Rainbow 6 Siege got a limited-time mode called Outbreak. The experience was so fun that Ubisoft decided to make the LTM a standalone game, an announcement that was made back in 2019. 

So what is Rainbow 6 Extraction and when will we finally get it? Here is everything we know about the upcoming R6 game to better prepare you for the eventual release.

When is Rainbow 6 Extraction coming out? 

R6 fans can expect to play Rainbow 6 Extraction on January 20, 2022. 

Rainbow 6 Extraction was announced at the 2019 E3 with a release date of early 2020. That clearly didn’t happen. 

The game was then showcased at the 2021 E3 event and another release date was revealed: September 16, 2021. But this was another date that never stuck. 

In July of 2021, Ubisoft admitted that the new experiences promised in Extraction, including missions like The Sprawl, needed a bit more fine-tuning. Developers discussed the new 2022 release in a blog. 

“We are embracing the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves in January 2022. We are confident this will ensure Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience we set out to create, and the one you aspire to play,” Ubisoft wrote.

Where can I play Rainbow 6 Extraction?

When the game finally comes out in 2022, it will be available on PC and the newer generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It will be a cross-gen game that can also be purchased for the Xbox One and PS4. If you prefer, you can also purchase Rainbow 6 Extraction for Google Stadia.

Will Rainbow 6 Extraction have cross-play?

R6 fans from every console will be able to partner up together in Extraction. The game will have full cross-play, cross-save, and cross-progression across all of the platforms.

Shortly after Rainbow 6 Extraction launches in January, a cross-play Buddy Pass system will be available. This means that players who own the game can invite two friends to play the game for free for up to two weeks. The friends will then need to purchase the game themselves to continue playing.

Find out more about the Buddy Pass here!

What modes will Rainbow 6 Extraction have?

R6 Extraction gameplay

Rainbow 6 Extraction currently has co-op multiplayer and single-player mode. The multiplayer mode features three-player cross-play co-op. Each mission will span over three maps. When each mission ends, the trios can choose to continue, which will lead to more difficult encounters (and more rewards). Dying will make teams lose all their progress though so every decision matters. 

There is currently no campaign mode. Ubisoft has stated that more modes and content will be released (for free) after the game is launched in January. This means players can expect more gameplay as time goes on, although it’s not entirely clear what the gameplay will consist of for now.

What is Maelstrom mode?

This is the toughest mode in Rainbow Six Extraction. Maelstrom features more challenges, more missions, more zones, and more aliens. Failing a mission means you lose all of the experience and other rewards that come along with playing this challenging mode — so you'll need to choose your actions carefully. 

What are the enemies in Rainbow 6 Extraction?

Ubisoft has revealed that there will be 13 different enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction. These otherworldly monsters will have different behaviors and attacks, meaning your team will have to use a different strategy to take down each enemy type. Some of the enemy types have already been revealed, including the Bloater, which deals toxic damage when eliminated. 

Here is how to defeat each Archaean type in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

How big is the Rainbow 6 Extraction file?

This has not been officially announced by Ubisoft just yet. Rainbow 6 Siege takes up about 85.5 GB of hard drive space so fans can most likely expect something similar. 
How much is Rainbow 6 Extraction?

On November 11, Ubisoft announced a lower price for R6 fans who pre-order Extraction. The game has been reduced to $39.99. The deluxe edition is $49.99, including three exclusive bonus packs.

Should I pre-order Rainbow 6 Extraction?

Ubisoft is offering some exclusive in-game stuff to players who decide to pre-order Rainbow 6 Extraction. Fans will get the Orbital Decay Bundle if they order the game before it’s released in January of next year. 

Players that already have Rainbow 6 Siege will also receive the United Front Bundle, giving four exclusive gear sets available in Siege and Extraction. The 18 Extraction operators will also be permanently unlocked in Siege. 

“Now is the best time to join millions in the Rainbow 6 universe,” Ubisoft said in a recent trailer. 

But pre-ordering R6 Extraction is entirely up to you. It comes with a lower price tag and some exclusive bundles, but waiting until the game is released in January, 2022 won’t take away from the fun.

What is Rainbow 6 Quarantine?

When the game was first announced in 2019, it was referred to as Rainbow 6 Quarantine. But fans found leaks around that time that pointed to an upcoming name change. 

Apparently, Rainbow 6 Quarantine was chosen before COVID-19 completely changed the landscape of the world in 2020. The idea of another quarantine wasn’t an ideal concept anymore and Ubisoft simply wanted to steer clear of the name altogether. 
Rainbow 6 Extraction gameplay.

As January 2022 approaches, fans are learning more and more about Extraction gameplay. 

Fans of the series already had some gameplay ideas thanks to Outbreak, the 2018 mode from Rainbow 6 Siege. The limited-time event took place in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, with operators taking on an epidemic ravaging the small town. 

In 2019, the E3 reveal confirmed that Extraction will be similar to Outbreak but with a lot of upgraded features.

Extraction will be the first time R6 fans come face to face with Archaeans, an alien threat that must be destroyed. Each Incursion, or mission, focuses on taking down the Archaeans, whether it’s gathering intel in a certain area or planting trackers on an alien nest.

Rainbow 6 Extraction operators

Ubisoft has announced 18 operators for Extraction, all of which can be leveled up through a “deep progression system.” Their abilities and stats can be improved and new loadouts and gadgets can be unlocked. 

Not every operator has been revealed in full. But here are the ones that we know of so far: 

  • Gridlock: Being a part of the SASR has made Gridlock a robotics expert. She deals damage and slows down hostiles with her TRAX Stinger and traps.
  • Nomad: This environmentally-based operator spent years with the Mountain Infantry Battalion before joining Rainbow 6. Her AIRJAB repulsion grenades will keep the Archaeaens at bay.
  • Smoke: A self-taught chemistry and biology expert, Smoke has found his Z9 toxic gas grenades work wonders against the new Parasite threat.
  • Ela: Ela isn’t a huge fan of authority but her skills as a survivalist have made her a very important member of REACT. She uses GRZMOT concussion mines to incapacitate Archaeans.
  • Sledge: Sledge and his Tactical Breaching Hammer volunteered to join REACT the moment he was made aware of the Parasites in New Mexico.
  • Alibi: This premier R6 operator is known for deep-cover work and network infiltration skills. She uses a device known as the PRISMA volumetric display to draw in hostels and identify enemy positions.
  • Lion: This CBRN specialist uses an EE-ONE-D drone to support his teammates.
  • Vigil: This operator is a bit of a mystery but his electrical engineering skills are well known. He uses stealth technology to have a tactical advantage over the Parasite intruders.
  • Hibana: Hibana was one of the first operators REACT approached due to her high-risk infiltration specialties. She is known for using an X-KAIROS grenade launcher but has a lot of tactical skills that prove deadly against the Archaeans.
  • Doc: This medic also brings tactical expertise. His STIM pistol can revitalize himself or his teammates.  
  • Finka: Finka has created a nanobot-driven adrenalin boost that works on herself or her teammates, providing her squad with enhanced operational capabilities.
  • Pulse: Using a HB-7 Cardiac Sensor, Pulse can easily detect Archaeans during search and eliminate operations. 

There are still six operators waiting to be revealed. Find out more about the above operators.

What are the operator abilities in Rainbow 6 Extraction?

Most of the operators will have the same abilities they possessed in Rainbow Six Siege. In fact, the operators were selected based on how well their abilities would fit into the new alien-fighting world of Extraction. 

But many operators have had their abilities tweaked to better fit gameplay where it's just three players versus AI opponents. Here is everything we know about the operator abilities in Rainbow Six Extraction so far

Is Rainbow 6 Extraction good?

This has yet to be determined. While some critical Rainbow 6 Siege fans have been calling gameplay footage from Extraction “bland” and claiming it could have just been DLC for Siege, nobody has had the chance to play the new R6 game just yet. 

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