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Rainbow Six Extraction operator abilities: Everything we know (progression, changes)

Rainbow Six Siege operators in Extraction will see some small tweaks to their abilities.

Rainbow Six Extraction is around the corner, so it's time to have a look at one of the most important features in the game: operator abilities.

Since the operators come from Rainbow Six Siege, we are already used to their abilities. However, there have been some tweaks so operators are ready to jump on a battlefield full of alien enemies. 

Ubisoft has already launched a list of 12 operators with some information on their abilities. Combined with our Siege knowledge, and with what we have seen so far in the official videos, we have made a list of the operators that will be in the game and their abilities. 

Here's everything we know so far of Rainbow Six Extraction.

Will I be able to play with all Rainbow Six Extraction operators from the get-go?

The answer is no. The same video explains that certain operators will be unlocked as players succeed in their missions. 

Will operators have all of their abilities in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Again, the answer is no. In order to upgrade your operators, you must level up them. This doesn't only include abilities but also includes other aspects such as aim, or reloading speed.

Full list of Rainbow Six Extraction operators

With this being said, let's have a look at the list of operators that will appear in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Can deploy a decoy from Drones to lure and distract any enemies in the area. Enemies attacking the decoy become scanned."

Just like in Rainbow Six Siege, when enemies attack Alibi's gadget, these automatically become scanned. 


Ubisoft Extraction description: -

Capitão's Tactical Crossbow has received tweaks to his utility. The Brazilian operator now throws smokes, which can be used as a smokescreen bolt to hide you from enemies, and "venom bolts" that damage enemies.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Fires his Health Pistol to heal or revive himself or his teammates when Downed."

Doc seems to have the same ability as the one he has in Siege. His Stim Pistol is used to heal himself and his teammates.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Throws sticky proximity mines, stunning enemies caught in the blast. Mines recharge over time."

Ela now deploys Grzmot mines that can recharge. This means that once one is activated, the mine won't disappear but stay there. It will recharge and activate again after a minute has passed. 

Ela can be played with Zofia's LMG and with her iconic shotgun, a set that makes her an incredible operator in Extraction.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Temporarily boosts the team's reactivity and survival. Revives any Downed teammates and they always go Downed while active."

Finka's Siege ability seems to be the same in Extraction, as she will be able to boost and revive downed teammates.


Ubisoft Extraction description: -

The Russian operator deploys his gadget to make explode any enemy nearby.


Ubisoft Extraction description: -

Her gadget hasn't received any apparent change, as the Trax Stingers slow down and kill any enemy that walks through them.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Shoots remotely detonable sticky explosives that stick to all surfaces. Detonate to deal armor penetrating damage."

Hibana's XKAIROS have a completely different use in Extraction. Although these can be used like in Siege, in Extraction these can also be used to disorient enemies and deal damage.


Ubisoft Extraction description: -

There is currently very little information on IQ, but the video shows her using her gadget to detect the enemy's electric gadgets just like in Siege. 


Ubisoft Extraction description: - Not yet on the site. 

Jäger ADS' is stronger than ever before. It not only stops projectiles launched by enemies but also kills them when they get close to the ADS. So, if you thought Siege's version of Jäger would be in serious trouble here, think again.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Detects all moving enemies in an area for a medium duration, requires a recharge after each use."

Just like in Siege, Lion's ability detects enemies once it is activated, and it needs some time to charge in order to activate it again.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Shoots proximity mines, knocking back enemies caught in the blast. Also clears the area of hazards."

Nomad can use her Airjab Launcher in Extraction to knock opponents back. However, once she reaches level 7, these will act like mines that kill enemies. So it is very important to use them to unlock their full potential and have better chances on the battlefield.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Detects VIPs, MIAs, and enemy Nests through obstacles."

Pulse is equipped with his iconic Cardiac Sensor, which can be used to detect enemies and nests through walls.


Ubisoft Extraction description: - Not yet on the site. 

Although we don't have too much information on Rook, our guess is that the operator will bring his iconic armor plates to the fight.


Ubisoft Extraction Description: "Equips a robust tactical hammer which can stun parasites and destroy walls to create new paths."

Just as in Rainbow Six Siege, Sledge is equipped with his iconic hammer to break any soft wall. The hammer can also be used to kill enemies. 


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Throws remotely detonated Smoke Gas grenades, dealing damage to any enemy in the gas."

His Smoke canisters deliver damage, destroy nests, and also give Smoke coverage to attack enemies without them noticing. 


Ubisoft Extraction description: - Not yet on the site. 

The LMG turret is back! The Russian operator will be able to deploy not one but two turrets that, when combined with other gadgets, can be a very strong weapon to have.


Ubisoft Extraction description: "Disrupts enemies making him undetectable for a medium duration. Requires a recharge after each use."

Vigil's Siege ability has been adapted so enemies can't see him when he activates it. However, just like Nomad, his ability improves once he reaches a higher level. A Vigil level 10 will be able to share his ability with players nearby and also boost their movement speed.