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The complete guide to the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass

Here is how it works!

Rainbow Six Extraction is launching January 20, 2022, meaning it's only a few weeks until friends can squad up and take on Archaeans as their favorite operators. But maybe some of your friends don't have the game pre-ordered. Luckily, that's not a problem with the Buddy Pass!

Ubisoft is introducing a Buddy Pass system upon Extraction's launch, making it easier for players to form teams with friends and enjoy the alien action together. Here is how it works. 

Rainbow Six Extraction comes with Buddy Pass system

Players who purchase Rainbow Six Extraction will receive two Budy Pass tokens that can be given to friends on any console. The tokens allow players to play the complete game for two weeks without purchasing it. This allows friends to compete together, forming a three-person squad that takes on powerful alien enemies

The exact date of the Buddy Pass launch is currently not known. Ubisoft has stated it will arrive "shortly after" the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction on January 20. 

Is progress made during the Buddy Pass saved? 


Any progress made while playing Rainbow Six Extraction on a Buddy Pass will be saved if you purchase the game. All of the progress will then be transferred over automatically, ensuring you can continue your fight without a hitch. 

Progress includes trophies and achievements. 

Will the Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition come with Buddy Passes?

Of course. In fact, the Delude Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction comes with three tokens. It's currently unclear if this means a third player can play for free as well or if the third token is used to extend someone's time playing the game on trial. 

How to invite friends to use Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass

According to Ubisoft's official instructions, it's quite easy to invite friends to use the Buddy Pass. Here's how: 

  • Have your friends download the Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction
  • The Trial Version can be downloaded on any system
  • Make sure they have the Trial Version open 
  • Directly send your friends a Buddy Pass invitation through the in-game Friends List menu
  • Invite them to play Rainbow Six Extraction with you for the next 14 days

What is the Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction?

The Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to play the game for two hours. There is a running timer that will eventually run out. 

After using the Trial Version to accept an invite from the Buddy Pass, the timer will be paused. When you're not playing with your friend who gave you the Buddy Pass, you will have to go back to the two-hour timer. 

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have crossplay? 

Rainbow Six Extraction has complete crossplay, meaning you can compete with friends from any system. This includes PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Stadia.

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