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Every Archæan in Rainbow Six Extraction and how to beat them: Operators, gadgets, and tactics

Each Archæan type will need to be taken down in a different way.

Leading up to Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft has slowly revealed information about the alien enemies that teams have to defeat, keeping the game quite mysterious. But come January, developers started dropping some major information about the upcoming title. 

One of those drops was a video outlining all of the Archæan enemy types and how to properly deal with them once you're dropped onto a map with these formidable monsters. Here is everything you need to know about the Archæans in Rainbow Six Extraction and how to defeat them. 

How to fight Breachers in Rainbow Six Extraction

The first enemy on the list are Breachers. They have big lumps on their back that explode upon impact. This means Breachers will often run right up to you or your  teammates. You'll want to fight Breachers from a safe distance to stay clear of getting damaged. 

According to the Deep Dive video, Breachers can be killed without shooting their dangerous sacks. When another enemy approaches a fallen Breacher, shoot their back to damage the enemy with the Breacher's explosive globes. 

When it comes to operators, consider Smoke or Capitao since both can stop Breachers from approaching with their gadgets. 

How to fight Bloaters in Rainbow Six Extraction

These similarly bulbous aliens release a poisonous gas that not only damages you but impairs your vision. It also leaves you with "lingering respiratory problems," according to the narrator of the Deep Dive series. 

Bring Doc with you to heal up after getting too close to a Bloater. You should also bring along Smoke or Capitao to keep this explosive enemy at bay. That way you can shoot them from afar, safely away from their toxins. 

How to fight Sowers in Rainbow Six Extraction

This Archæan type is a bit different. Instead of running right at you, the Sower prefers to lurk around you, scuttling on all fours. It's sometimes hard to spot. Sowers also have an armored head. Pursuing a Sower can prove dangerous since they often drop a flash mine that keeps you away. 

Use your own claymore or arc mine to surprise the Sower back, damaging it as it eerily creeps around you. IQ can also detect the Sower's location, making it much easier to take one out. 

How to fight Lurkers in Rainbow Six Extraction

This alien loves to be invisible. It comes at you but using a melee attack will show you its weak points. Then shoot the Lurker quickly before its armor returns, making your bullets less effective. 

Hibana has explosives that go through armor, making her the perfect operator to take on a hoarde of Lurkers. IQ is another impactful operator to have with you. He can detect Lurkers even when they are invisible, revealing their location. 

How to fight Smashers in Rainbow Six Extraction

Archæans aren't always sneaky. Smashers will stomp towards you loudly and quickly, unafraid due to their intense armor. 

A good tactic against this aggressive alien is using a lot of force with Sledge. He can use a charged up hammer swing to stagger the Smasher in its tracks. Follow that up with Tachanka's mounted LMG. 

Another good way to defeat the Smasher is to use stun grenades or smoke to distract it. Then rush behind the giant alien and use a melee takedown. 

How to fight Rooters in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Rooter isn't as willing to get in your face as the Smasher. From afar, the Rooter uses a ranged rooting attack that freezes you in place. 

Use Rook's armor plates to stay safe from this incoming attack. Vigil can also sneak up to the Rooter while cloaked to take this enemy out before it has the chance to attack. Teams should also equip paralysis grenades to freeze the Rooter before it strikes. Then take it out. 

How to fight Spikers in Rainbow Six Extraction

Just like operators with breaching abilities, Spikers shoot dangerous projectiles at you that can even go through destructable objects. While shooting you, Spikers will also block their head with a heavily armored arm. 

Use a field wall for cover from projectiles. Jager is a great operator to have with you since he can deploy a defense turret, intercepting the spikes. 

How to fight Tormenters in Rainbow Six Extraction

Developers are calling the Tormenter a "nasty piece of work." And for good reason. This enemy bombards you with projectiles while also having the ability to liquify itself, reposition, and then pop back up in an unexpected spot. 

Nail this enemy down to stop it from moving freely throughout the map. Gridlock's Trax Stingers can carpet the ground. Follow this up with Ela's Grzmot mines, placing them behind you in case the Tormenter attempts to flank you. 

How to fight Apex in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Apex will spawn more enemies as it rapidly zips around the area. It has blinding projectiles as well, giving it an abundance of options for taking you down. 

Bring Lion along so he can use his drone scan to keep track fo the Apex. Alibi is another operator to consider, since he can drop down Prisma decoys to distract the Apex. It will start shooting projectiles at the decoys instead and its hoarde will also be fooled. Finka can use her Adrenal Surge to clear blinding effects and reduce your team's recoil. 

The Apex is a tough enemy but can be taken down with the right team composition and strategy. 

How to fight Proteans in Rainbow Six Extraction

To find this Archæan, you'll need to get a gateway objective and then locate a large, black orb. Go into the orb to find a Protean, an alien that can take the shape of any operator and gain their abilities. 

Tips for fighting Archæans in Rainbow Six Extraction

While every alien type has its own distinct abilities and tactics, there are some things to keep in mind about the Archæans no matter who you're up against. These will help you not only survive, but complete each mission. 

Be prepared for multiple alien types

You will often be faced with multiple Archæan types during combat. At harder levels, expect even more types to come at once. Later regions will be much more difficult but you will also receive better rewards. 

Take our Archæans fast

Archæans will sometimes let out a terrifying screech mid-battle. This is actually a signal that calls over other aliens. It also awakens nearby nests, which ooze out Sprawl when called upon. Eventually, nests will spawn a full-grown alien so melee nests as soon as you can. 

Don't sleep on Grunts

Grunts are the aliens that spawn from nests. While they aren't as dangerous as the aforementioned Archæans it's important to remember that Grunts can take you down in just a few hits. 

Keep an eye on Spores and Sludge

These blobular beings aren't as dangerous as the other alien species but will keep you on your toes. Make sure to shoot these creepy, gloopy enemies to keep them from adding on extra damage during an encounter. Spores can even stick to you and will make it harder to see. A teammate can melee a Spore off of you. 

"The enemies of Extraction are a varied and vicious bunch. With their powers combined, you and your squad are in for a tough fight," the Deep dive video concluded. 


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