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What are the enemies and Archeaen types in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Bloaters have been revealed in full and they are scary.

Rainbow Six Extraction is just a month away and Ubisoft has started to drop more interesting information about the game's gameplay and storyline. This time, the Rainbow Six Extraction official Twitter account shared a creepy video depicting one of the enemy types operators will encounter. 

"Bloaters are not silent but definitely deadly. They detonate on contact and emit toxic gas, taking down anyone unfortunate enough to be close. Approach with care, and a game-plan," the tweet read, providing a haunting video of a Bloater that shows its bubbling back and featureless face. 

What is a Bloater in Rainbow Six Extraction?

A Bloater is one of the enemy types in Rainbow Six Extraction. When killed, a Bloater will explode, dealing toxic damage to nearby humans. Bloaters will charge at operators in droves, daring you to shoot them at close range. 

How many enemy types are in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Ubisoft has stated that there will be 13 total enemy teams. Each enemy type has its own abilities, attacks, and behaviors. You will have to find different ways to fight each enemy. For example, eliminating Bloaters from afar to avoid their toxic damage. 

What are the enemy types in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Six of the Archaean enemies have been revealed, meaning Ubisoft hasn't revealed all of them just yet. But each enemy is a different Archaean, an alien race that has come to earth to infest humanity. Here are the six revealed enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction. 


This is the most common alien type. 


Rooters immobilize operators that are standing nearby. You will usually want to attack a Rooter from behind to avoid paralysis. 


This vocal alien alerts other Archaeans that operators are nearby. 


This alien type is able to shoot projectiles that can even pierce armor. 


Sowers are all about catching you off guard. They lay traps that can bind and blind operators, meaning you will have to watch where you're going when a Sower is around. 


These alien enemies will throw projectiles at your team. It's one of the hardest enemies in the game thanks to its ability to traverse the map using the black sprawl.


These crafty monsters make other Archaeans invisible. The trick is to get close to a Lurker and stab it in the face to stop it from continuing to harass your squad. 


A Bloater deals toxic damage to any nearby operators when eliminated. They usually arrive in droves, attacking people up close. You'll want to shoot this toxic beast from afar. 


This dominant Archaean controls large armies of aliens. They are important to take down but will have a lot of protection. 


This shapeshifting enemy will sometimes appear as a REACT operator — one of you. They will even sport the same gadets. This makes them one of the most dangerous Archaean enemy types in the game. 

Learn more about how to beat each alien race here

What is the story of Rainbow Six Extraction?

Operators are returning to Extraction to form the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT), which aims to contain the Archaeans. 

Extraction takes place several years after the 2018 outbreak in Truth or Consequences, a place in New Mexico. The infestation has spread throughout the United States, including New Mexico, New York City, San Francisco, and Alaska thanks to the Archaeans adaption and evolution. 

The aliens have continued to grow stronger. It's time for REACT to take on the threat head-on. Check here for more information on everything revealed about Rainbow Six Extraction so far

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