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1UPeSport Roster Leaves Org

The Pro League roster announced their departure from 1UP stating they “wanted to explore other opportunities”.

The German roster of KS, Hungry, PARAA, Vale, Ripz and Lazzo (their coach) said they “are grateful for the last couple of months and appreciate 1UPeSport's work” and thanked “everyone who supported [them] during the 2018 Invitational and the last Pro League season”. However, they felt that as newer, bigger orgs enter Rainbow Six Siege, now was the time to “explore other opportunities”.

The team, under their previous roster of Mysterious Monkeys, qualified for Pro League back in Year 2 Season 2 beating Team Vitality in the relegations. Since joining 1UP, they went on to twice take on the eventual runners-up, Evil Geniuses, to 3 maps at the Six Invitational and, most recently, finished joint 3rd in Europe during Season 7 of Pro League, defeating the reigning champions of ENCE 2-0 along the way.

The now “looking for org” roster join only a small group of orgless Pro League teams going into Season 8 of Pro League, which includes I Don’t Know in Europe and eiNs in APAC.