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LATAM Challenger League: Everything you need to know

The LATAM Challenger Leagues kick off this week.

This week, three more competitions will kick off in LATAM as all Brazil, Mexico and South America have their own Challenger League. 

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know.

Brasileirão Série B 2021

After years seeing the same names in Brazil’s top-flight league, new generations are now taking over the region. 

Brazil’s growth in international competitions can be seen in the country’s Challenger League. With young teams such as Team oNe and FURIA Esports obtaining great international results, the Brazilian T2 has been in the spotlight for a while now. 

As such, regional competitions like the Copa do Brasil have closely been followed by top-flight rosters, which have already made unexpected moves this season. Team Liquid signing Gabriel “AsK” Santos (19) and Pablo “resetz” Oliveira (18) or Black Dragons signing Guilherme Bassetto (20) are recent examples of how important youth is in the scene right now. 

Série B could be the first step to the top-flight for various of the players in the competition. However, if the past has taught us something, is that making it to the Brasileirão as a whole roster is difficult:  it has been two years since the last time a T2 lineup had beaten a top-flight roster in a relegation game: CHICOS Team defeated Elevate by 2-0 in 2019. 

This year could be the exception to the rule. The Copa do Brasil Stage 2 finalists TrapBoyz -- previously known as Imperium e-Sports -- beat W7M Gaming by 2-0 in the semi-finals, a clash that could be seen again if TrapBoyz finish in first place and W7M Gaming finish in tenth at the BR6. That is a likely scenario as the W7M is currently sitting at the bottom of the standings. 

TrapBoyz have signed “handy” after Bassetto left the roster to join Black Dragons after the conclusion of the Copa do Brasil Stage 2.

Another roster to look out to is Team oNe’s academy lineup: Golden Kids. The lineup only fell to INTZ in the previous edition of the Copa do Brasil. Moreover, they are the roster with the most Liga Six points, as they finished with 510. 

Santos e-Sports academy will also be in the competition with the roster Meninos Da Vila. This lineup could also create some unexpected results, as they defeated MIBR and almost won against the eventual finalist Imperium e-Sports in the last edition of the Copa do Brasil.

The league is not just full of young talents but also of experienced players. Team Singularity’s roster is the clear exception to the rule, as three of their five members have competed at the Brazilian top-flight at some point. Vitor “hugzord” Hugo is the most experienced player in the lineup as he has previously competed for Black Dragons, Team oNe, and MIBR.

Other well known personalities in the scene can be found in both VINCIT Gaming and SuperNova Team, as Pedro “pzd” Duta and Eduardo “Dudds” Torassi will play for these clubs respectively.   

Mexicano Série B 2021

Coming from winning the last edition of the Súpercopa México, where they beat four squads from the Mexican championship including MeT and Six Karma, ALPHA Team are the favorites to take over the Mexican Challenger League. 

In fact, their members have plenty of experience at the Mexican top-flight. All of this makes ALPHA Team the strongest lineup to make it to the next Campeonato Mexicano.  

Team Cruelty is also in the fight, as the roster left some good performances during the last Súpercopa México. Furthermore, the team has recently announced the signing of the ex-TIMBERS member Luís “RE4PER” Benítez, who competed at the Mexican Six November 2020 Major and at the Campeonato Mexicano 2020 Finals. 

The roster also has three ex-members of Fenix Academy -- Gladiuz, Unfixed and OeN --  who were all part of the roster that won the Súpercopa México Stage 1. 

Sudamericano Série B 2021

Meanwhile, eight teams will be playing in the South American Challenger League for a chance to qualify for the South American championship.

The favorites to finish at the top of the standings are Maycam Evolve, after its team failed to make it to the top-flight after losing the promotion match last year.