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This Week in Siege: NACL Relegations, Nationals League & Women's Circuit

Check out a short rundown of all the action from June 7-13th ahead of Stage 2's kick off and the launch of North Star.

This coming week will see a tonne of action across a number of ongoing national leagues including the Benelux and GSA Leagues in Europe, the Japan League in APAC, the Liga Six in LATAM, and the NACL Relegations in North America. 

As the week goes on, we'll be updating this article with a rundown of the top news in Tier 2 and 3 R6, however, here's the top news so far:

CCS Announces "DBNO: Six Over Thirty" Charity Tournament to Support The Trevor Project

CCS has announced the second edition of the DBNO Charity tournament which this time will only include players over 30 years old and will help raise money for "The Trevor Project":

The Trevor Project is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1998 focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. Through a toll-free telephone number, it operates The Trevor Lifeline, a confidential service that offers trained counselors. 

The tournament is planned to take place on June 19th and include four teams total. Interested players can apply to join here. The tournament will presumably be NA-based, however, this has yet to be clarified.

Nerd Street Gamers to Run LAN Tournaments Starting in July

While this has been teased previously, today the tournament organiser of Nerd Street Gamers announced that they will be running smaller LAN tournaments across a number of games starting in July before the first large scale LAN tournament for the Winter Championships in Los Angeles next January.

NSG already runs $5k monthly leagues in Rainbow Six making them the biggest T2-3 TO in North America meaning R6 being included in these LANs is fairly likely.

The Chiefs Announces Upcoming Tournaments with REKT

The Australian organisation of The Chiefs have committed to run three upcoming events with the new tournament organiser of REKT (which was founded by the R6 talent of Manic).

While details about the tournaments (including the games involved) are yet to be confirmed, REKT's history in R6 having previously ran the OMEN Gauntlet tournament which involved four APAC South teams makes this announcement a big one for the R6 Oceanic scene.

6 French League Unveils Format, Schedule & Teams for 2021

As revealed this week, the third season of the 6 French League will kick off on June 16th and run till the eventual finals in October, in which both the French national champions will be crowned and a CL spot awarded.

The tournament will see the EUL teams of TrainHard, Vitality and BDS be joined by the ex-PENTA roster of Ascend and four returning or qualified lineups of Maestria, BeKind, DeathroW, and Helios Gaming.

The format, meanwhile, will see an initial Bo1 map group stage, where the top three progress to the Finals. The remaining five teams will then play in a gauntlet-style playoff to determine the fourth roster to reach the Finals.

C9, DWG & TALON All Suffer Korean Open Upsets

The opening day of the Korean Open this week saw three major upsets as the second-best team in APAC, Cloud9, was bested 7-3 by the non-pro-tier roster of Faust, similarly, DWG KIA lost 7-5 to StarRise, and T1 beat TALON 7-1 in their pro debut with their new players of Neilyo and CrazyBoy.

Mirage Women's Team Takes Early CCSW Loss

As the CCS Women's League kicked off this week, the roster fielded by the NAL organisation of Mirage suffered an early loss to SH Esports Women's team. This 2-1 defeat put Mirage into the losers bracket and means SH progresses on to face Disrupt in the semi-finals denying the highly anticipated Mirage vs Disrupt matchup at this stage of the CCSW tournament.

SH Signs ex-Supernova Roster

After dropping their third-placed NACL stage one roster, the organisation of SH Esports has signed the fourth-placed Supernova roster and replaced Ethan "Frozen" Fox with Cory "Kilo" Dawson. Kilo had previously played on the ex-SH roster and had won the Challenger League a year ago on The Last Dance.

Kansas City Pioneers Signs Inryo for Beastly

The NACL Stage one runners-up of the Pioneers have signed the ex-SH player of Deverik "Inryo" Hardemon to replace Jared "Beastly" Medeiros in the roster.

Additionally, they have picked up the analyst of Caleb "Swnky" Alvarez.

After topping Group B and being bested by just APE during the playoffs, the organisation thus hopes that these changes are what is needed to take the top spot for Stage 2.