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Y9S1 Mid-Season Roadmap update: Siege Marketplace to be released in Y9S2, Fenrir and Solis to be balanced, and more!

Ubisoft has provided the community with a new roadmap update.

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Ubisoft surprised Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's community with a sneak peek at what's coming with Year 9 Season 2. Additionally, some changes to the roadmap have been confirmed. Here's everything you need to know about it!

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Roadmap

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Ubisoft's most recent update to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Year 9 Roadmap includes changes to Fenrir and Solis, features to balance multiple operators, the release of Siege's Marketplace, and more.

Here's what Ubisoft had to say regarding the most recent updates!

Siege's Marketplace

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace will be fully released with the launch of Year 9 Season 2. As of now, the Marketplace is at its beta stage.

The Marketplace is a feature that allows players to sell their in-game cosmetics, like R6 Share items, Black Ice weapon skins, and more. By selling these players get R6 Credits, which they can use to get different items from Siege's in-game store.

Steam improved ban enforcement

With this change, Ubisoft expects to make it "more difficult for cheaters to return to the game once banned." Ubisoft also added that "as this will be a new addition to our anti-cheat ecosystem, we are breaking down the feature into several iterations, with the first part scheduled for Season 2."

Changes to Fenrir and Solis

Fenrir and Solis will be tweaked. With both defenders being two of the best operators in the game, Ubisoft decided to balance the duo. The first update will come in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, Solis will be tweaked again in Season 3.

Map Training List

Season 2 will introduce updates to Map Training as Ubisoft plans on introducing Endless Drill to the Map Training playlist.

Standard Playlist Map Filters

Starting with Season 2, players will have the option of choosing their preferred maps. This option is only coming to Standard.

Reputation System delayed

Ubisoft have decided to keep the Reputation System in its beta version for a bit more. Its full deployment to the game should come in Season 4.

After Action Screen 2.0

Ubisoft will introduce a modified after-action screen as the developers "aim to provide an accurate and insightful recap of each match of Rainbow Six Siege." Therefore, we should expect information like plants and defuses to be added to the final standings.

Ubisoft's new after-action screen should be deployed to the game in Year 9 Season 3.

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