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Y7S1 Demon Veil seasonal bundle Covert Ending is here

A look at the new seasonal skin Covert Ending.

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With the launch of Operation Demon Veil, we now have a brand new seasonal skin.

Many players expected a jump in the quality of Siege's skins, and so far the game hasn't disappointed. The introduction of Bravo Packs to the game has increased players' chances to get Black Ice skins, considered to be some of the best skins in the game.

Not only that but this season's Year Pass included a bunch of good-looking skins, with Valkyrie's dynamic skin being the jewel of the crown.

Rainbow Six Siege is not only looking bright, but it also looks fashionable.

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Is the new seasonal skin in R6 Siege good?

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We would say, yes! It really looks good. The seasonal bundle includes a universal skin, a charm, and a universal sight skin.

For Operation Demon Veil, the primary color chosen thus far has been blue. While the blue can brings us to the Japanese nights where Azami worked as a bodyguard, the orange could symbolize the city lights — or Azami's hopes to always complete the mission. Overall, it's a really cool combination of colors that we think fits the theme!

Also, if you look more closely, you can see a small Kunai in the weapon skin graphic. This is Azami's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege, as she uses them to build new structures.

The Covert Ending Bundle can now be purchased for 50,000 Renown or 1200 R6 Credits. This item will be in the in-game store until the end of Operation Demon Veil.

What are the most famous seasonal skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

Operation Blood Orchid seasonal skins are the most famous of their type in the game. Back then, the game launched three different skins to celebrate the release of the newest operation.

White Dragon

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Red Silk

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These are considered to be not just some of the best universal skins produced but also some of the best skins out there. The detail in each one of these three skins along with the different color shades used make these cosmetics unique.

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