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Best XDefiant MP7 loadout

Here's the best XDefiant MP7 loadout to use

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Mastering the best XDefiant MP7 loadout is guaranteed to enhance gameplay thanks to its incredible rate of fire and high damage output.

With the meta starting to take shape ahead of Season 1, this particular SMG excels in close-quarters combat making it an excellent option for running and gunning the opposition in casual and ranked matches. Once the strongest attachments are equipped, it's hard to go wrong with the MP7 in the heat of battle.

In this guide, find the best XDefiant MP7 loadout along with the best way to set up a class for the SMG.

Best XDefiant MP7 loadout

After testing numerous combinations, this is the best XDefiant loadout to use right now:

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel
  • Front Rail: Pistol Grip
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip

This build focuses on maximizing the MP7's incredible levels of mobility to outplay anyone who gets too close for comfort. Although the MP7 doesn't have the same range as the P90, the MP7 is ideal for catching anyone out.

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The Barrel Extender is perfect for enhancing the range of the MP7, giving it a little more versatility in mid-range combat. For a faster rate of fire, the Rapid Fire Barrel is the next attachment on the list. Although it does impact recoil, the SMG is still easy to control.

Next is the trio of the Pistol Grip, Quick Mag, and Quick Draw Grip to bolster the MP7's performance in close-range combat. The Pistol Grip improves sprint-shoot time by 10 percent along with the minimum and maximum spread accuracy, giving you a chance to make an impact when firing the SMG from the hip.

The Quick Draw Grip is one of the best attachments in all of XDefiant thanks to its 10% improvement in ADS speed. This is perfect for reacting to any targets you come across during a match.

XDefiant MP7 class setup

Once the best attachments are ready to go, there are some other areas that need some focus before loading onto the battlefield. For our secondary weapon, the 686 Magnum is our choice thanks to its mid-range firepower. The lack of range on the MP7 makes the Magnum the perfect sidearm to deal some additional damage.

For the grenades, I've opted for the Sticky Grenade as it suits an aggressive style of play. Stick it to a nearby enemy to guarantee a kill or throw it into a busy objective for maximum impact.

Faction selection is another area worth considering too. I recommend pairing the MP7 with the Libertad class to utilize its healing abilities that guarantee to keep you in the action for longer.

That's all there is to know about the best XDefiant MP7 loadout. For more, check out the best ACR loadout along with the best controller settings.

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