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How to equip XDefiant weapon camos

Here's how to equip weapon camos in XDefiant

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Knowing how to equip XDefiant weapon camos may not be necessary to secure victory but it’s still important for players wanting to add some flair to their favorite weaponry.

XDefiant is out now and features an extensive gun list packed with variety and all kinds of camouflages for players to obtain. Camos are a great way of standing out from the crowd with some preferring a loud design and others opting for more subtle colors.

Find everything there is to know about how to equip camos in XDefiant in this guide containing all the intel.

How to select XDefiant weapon camo

To select a camo onto any XDefiant weapon, head to the loadout tab and select a loadout. Select the skins tab to open up all of the locked and unlocked camos for that particular weapon. Find a design and press the equip button to add the design onto the weapon. That’s all there is to it.

Once selected, the camo chosen in the menu will appear on the weapon once players load into the maps and game modes.

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Does XDefiant have mastery camos?

Yes, Ubisoft has added three mastery camos for each weapon in the ever-expanding arsenal. Players can earn bronze, silver, and gold camos by completing a variety of challenges that require players to reach certain weapon level milestones. Earning gold camo is the ultimate flex and shows opponents that players have mastered everything about that weapon.

That’s all there is to know about how to equip XDefiant weapon camos. For more on Ubisoft’s arena shooter, check out the best ACR loadout along with whether the game features the often-divisive SBMM.

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