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XDefiant double XP: Everything you need to know

Level up with ease thanks to XDefiant double XP

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July 2, 2024: The latest double XP event has ended and we've updated our guide with the latest intel on the next event.

Knowing when XDefiant double XP is live is useful when it comes to ranking up as quickly as possible.

With Season 1 now underway, fans loading into the action have mastered the gun list along with the game modes available in casual and Ranked matches. The process of leveling up can drag due to the game's slow XP earn rate which is why making the most of any double XP opportunities without wasting boosters makes all the difference.

Here, find everything there is to know about XDefiant double XP and when the next event is taking place.

When is the next XDefiant double XP event?

Information on the next XDefiant double XP event hasn't appeared yet. The most recent event took place in late June giving players the perfect opportunity to rank up before the new season began.

As soon as details on the next double XP event appear, we'll update the guide with everything there is to know.

XDefiant double XP types

With weapons to rank up, overall levels to climb, and a battle pass to work through, XDefiant offers several XP types that are often increased during a double XP event. Below is a list of all the XP types that feature in the arena shooter:

  • Level XP
  • Weapon XP
  • Battle Pass XP

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How to rank up fast in XDefiant

There are a few handy tips and tricks to ranking up fast in XDefiant. The first is by playing the objective in modes such as Occupation and Domination. It may not be the most glamorous of roles but there's plenty of XP to be earned by keeping control of the points.

For weapons, scoring kills is a surefire way of increasing weapon rank as fast as possible. Completing challenges is another useful technique too, with some paying out thousands of XP to speed up the grind to unlock Mastery Camos.

That's all there is to know about XDefiant double XP. For more, check out the best MP7 loadout that's perfect for running and gunning the opposition.

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