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Why is Rainbow Six Siege not showing my Rank?

Players are having problems with their Rank.

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With the release of Operation Heavy Mettle, one bug has been released to the Ranked game mode. Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege players can't see their current Rank.

Although Ubisoft has made it clear already that they are working on a fix, the community is annoyed.

Here's everything you need to know about the situation and when the game will bring a solution.

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Why is Rainbow Six Siege not showing my Rank?

Despite Rainbow Six Siege's Ranked playlist works fine, the players can't visualize their current Rank. But, why is that?

According to Rainbow Six Siege's most recent update, Ranked players can't see their current Rank due to a UI problem. This means that your Ranked progress during Operation Heavy Mettle has been tracked, but the UI issue prevents the player from seeing its current position in the standings.

As this is a UI problem, Rainbow Six Siege is encouraging its players to continue playing the game. Once the issue is fixed, the players will allowed to see their progress with no complications at all!

Rainbow Six Siege connectivity issues

Since the release of Operation Heavy Mettle, the game has experienced a lot of connectivity issues and FPS problems. While Ubisoft is working on it, the game has compensated the players with the following items:

  • 1 Bravo Pack.
  • 1 Day Renown Booster.
  • 1 Day Battle Pass Booster.

To claim your rewards, you must log in to the game once before September 7th!

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