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What Rainbow Six Siege season is it?

Time flies and seasons changes.

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When the launch of a new season is around, players usually get super excited. That's because the release of a new season means the release of new content, including a new operator and, sometimes, a new map.

With Rainbow Six Siege being released back in 2015, it's easy to get lost at what season it really is. Many operators have been launched to the game, giving players access to more than 60 operators, over 20 maps, and a great variety of game modes.

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What Rainbow Six Siege season is it?

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Starting on June 14, Rainbow Six Siege has been in the second season of Year 7, named Operation Vector Glare. This is the 25th season in the history of the game.

Operation Vector Glare introduced a new operator, Sens. Sens is a three-health, one-speed attacker who brings the R.O.U. Projector System, a gadget that frees a green smoke screen acting as some kind of smoke grenade.

Meanwhile, Operation Vector Glare also opened the door to the first Rainbow Six Siege Shooting Range, where players can try out operators' weapons regardless of having them locked.

If that wasn't enough, a new map hit the game in Operation Vector Glare. Located in Greece, this map is just playable on Team Deathmatch.

Although these are the most notable additions to the game, Operation Vector Glare had its very own Battle Pass, seasonal skin, and the addition of Team Wolfguard to the game's lore.

Is the new Rainbow Six Siege season good?

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Well, it's too early to tell, but we could say it's good. A new operator, a new map, and a new game mode. A great number of cosmetics, and a pretty decent Battle Pass. Just one day into the season, it looks promising.

Nevertheless, some players have complained about some of these features. Some players don't like the new Team Deathmatch map as it feels too big. Regarding the Battle Pass, some players feel disappointed due to how the cosmetics look. Sens has also been a bit underwhelming.

There's no accounting for taste, so the best you can do is to give Operation Vector Glare a try!

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