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Riot unveils a Clove themed mural in their hometown

The mural is located in Edinburgh, Scotland

Riot unveils a Clove themed mural in their hometown

During VCT Masters Madrid, Riot Games officially revealed Valorant's new agent, Clove. The non-binary character from Scotland is the game's 25th playable character to be released to the shooter.

Shortly after the conclusion of the tournament, Clove was introduced to the live version of the game on March 26. With smokes and an ability that allows the agent to revive after getting a kill or an assist, Clove could shake the meta in the upcoming weeks.

To celebrate the arrival of Clove to Valorant, Riot commissioned popular Edinburgh artist Elph to create a mural in Leith, which will be displayed throughout April. The mural is divided into three parts where we can see Clove using their abilities.

It was also revealed that the Edinburgh University esports team was given early access to Clove. The players admitted that it felt "extra special to see ourselves represented on multiple levels in the game that we love."

The mural is combined with projections that make it look even more special during the night.

Valorant players can now unlock Clove for free for a limited time by gathering 200,000 XP in the upcoming 20 days. If you don't want to go through that, you can directly purchase Clove with 8,000 Kingdom Credits or 1,000 Valorant Points.

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