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Valorant's Agent 25 Clove to be non-binary

Clove will be Valorant's first non-binary agent.

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The arrival of Valorant's 25th agent is just around the corner and details about the character are being leaked on social media. Today, another piece of information about the agent has been revealed to the community: Clove will be the game's first non-binary agent.

This shouldn't come as a surprise in a game that includes different races like Cybernetic, Radiant, or Human. However, the first reactions to the leaked information haven't been very friendly, to say the least.

When will Clove be released to Valorant?

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It's believed that Clove will be released to Valorant sometime in April. They will be the sixth Controller released in the game.

According to the most recent leaks, Clove will be able to revive their fallen teammates. This could make Clove an alternative to Sage, the only agent in Valorant who has such an ability.

We will know more about Clove when all of the details about Valorant's upcoming patch are displayed during the VCT Masters Madrid Finals, which will take place on May. 24.

Which Valorant agents are LGBTQ+?

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Although Clove is a non-binary agent, they are not the only one that could be part of the LGBTQ+ community.

In a tweet published on Dec. 2022, Valorant's official account posted a photo of Raze and Killjoy kissing during a trip to Brazil. Since then, Valorant fans have shipped both agents, and it's believed they are queer.

While that came as a big surprise in the Valorant community, the game's Twitter account posted an April's Fools joke on Apr. 2021 where Cypher mentions that he saw "Raze and Killjoy picnicking on the beach."

Other non-binary video game characters

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Fortunately, seeing non-binary characters in video games is being normalized. In May 2022, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege released Sens, the game's first (and so far only) non-binary operator.

Other popular non-binary characters can be found in Apex Legends (Bloodhound) or Battlefield 2042 (Sundance).

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