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Is Sens non-binary?

Sens' backstory and identity have been revealed.

The newest operator in Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed, including their weapon loadout, role, and gadget. But players were also able to learn more about Sens' backstory and lore, revealing that Sens is the third official LGBTQ+ operator in the game. 

You probably noticed that Ubisoft's announcement only used "they" and "them" in their bio for Sens. That's because Sens has been confirmed to be non-binary, meaning they don't identify as fully male or female. 

Who is Sens in Rainbow Six Siege? 

Néon Ngoma Mutombo, codenamed Sens, is a 30-year-old operator from Belgium. Sens grew up in a tight-knit family that encouraged them to pursue their interests — psychology and physics, as well as classical music. Sens also took an interest in mechanics, helping in their father's garage. 

"When asked about their upbringing, they only have good things to say about their family. Their parents, one Belgian and the other Congolese, were happy to support all three siblings in their (quite different) career choices. Ngoma recalls that when they and their youngest sibling came out, their father insisted that the only thing he expected of his children was honesty," Sens' psychology report read. 

Sens' well-rounded skills helped them in their career, which revolved around tactical training and military sciences. They ultimately took on the role of a combat engineer, using strategy and technology to protect their squad, divert enemies, and break down hostile defenses. They caught the attention of the Belgium Special Forces Group, which is where they have served ever since. 

"Ngoma is a complex person, and I understand that certain things must be experienced in order to be understood," the report continued. "Still. I'm confident that they will feel at home with Wolfguard. There's something about their kindness that I can only describe as defiant. That's the sort of attitude that is sure to mesh well with Doc."

Which Rainbow Six Siege operators are LGBTQ+? 

Sens is the first non-binary operator. But they are the third queer operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Flores and Osa are the other openly LGBTQ+ operators on the roster. 

Flores was the first LGBTQ+ representative. He is a gay man who has a husband in Los Angeles, according to Ubisoft's biography. He moved to Los Angeles and opened his own food truck (where he operated heists for five years) after his identity was exposed. As someone who stole from powerful criminals, his life was in danger. 

Osa is a trans woman who loves inventing things and exploring future technology. Her bulletproof Talon-8 Shield was impactful in the meta, allowing for more aggressive plays. 

"She credits her success in equal parts to her natural talent and the affection of her loved ones. In both her career and her transition, she could always count on the support of her older brother, her aunt, and Kali. She writes to her family from every corner of the world where her work sends her and she describes her bond with Kali, her 'boss,' as an unbreakable sisterhood built on mutual respect," her psychology report read.