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Valorant's new Controller will be able to revive, new voice lines suggest

Other team gonna be stressin'

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We may be waiting a little longer for Valorant's newest agent, but that hasn't stopped us from learning more about them.

Dubbed Agent 25 or "Smokedancer" within Riot's internal circles, the confirmed facts about Valorant's next agent are as follows:

  • They are a controller

Yes, that is all we officially know, but there's also good reason to believe they have some connection to Scotland and utilize butterflies when casting their abilities.

That latter information came through voice lines only made available in the public beta environment (PBE), and it appears another clue has emerged in a similar fashion.

On March 3, leaked voice lines purportedly from Phoenix suggest that the competition is in for a challenge, thanks to his collaboration with the "new kid," who possesses the ability to "come back to life."

The leak was posted by Valorant Updates, a frequent source of data-mined files and leaks, on X.

We can't confirm their validity, but there is no denying it sounds like everyone's flashiest duelist. It wouldn't be the first time voice lines leaked (see above), revealing information about upcoming content, and we think that's what we have here.

So, Phoenix and the "new kid" can both come back to life, but what does this mean for Agent 25?

This potential for revival does align with what we already know about Agent 25. Valorant lore expert Strawberry79 recently highlighted the butterfly's symbolic significance in Celtic mythology as a metaphor for transformation and rebirth.

This suggests that Agent 25's ultimate ability might allow for self-revival, akin to KAY/O's ultimate, though it remains to be seen if assistance from a teammate is necessary.

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KAY/O with smokes? 

What we do know for sure is that we will be waiting longer to play with Agent 25 than we first expected.

In the most recent State of the Agents, the developers confirmed that Agent 25 would be missing the Episode 8 Act 2 launch, and would instead be released in the weeks that follow, with many predicting Agent 25 will get their official reveal at VCT Masters Madrid, set to run from March 14-24.

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