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VCT Masters Madrid: Everything You Need To Know

The VCT Masters Madrid will be the first Masters of the year.

The Valorant Champions Tour Masters Madrid will be the first international event of the Valorant season, where the best eight teams in the world will compete to take home the first piece of international silverware of the year.

As the VCT Masters Madrid will be different from the previous editions of the tournament, you must understand the format for the competition.

Here’s everything you need to know about the VCT Masters Madrid!

VCT Masters Madrid - Dates

The VCT Masters Madrid will occur in Spain from Mar. 14 to Mar. 24.

This will be the first VCT Masters since the VCT Masters Tokyo, which took place in Japan from Jun. 11 to Jun. 25 of 2023.

Back then, the format used was a bit more complicated. Moreover, there were 12 qualified teams instead of the current eight.

Back then, Fnatic won the tournament after defeating Evil Geniuses by 3-0. Paper Rex was the best Asian team in the competition, as the roster from the Pacific League finished in third place. Meanwhile, the only roster from the Americas League, LOUD, finished in the Top 8.

VCT Masters Madrid - Format

The VCT Masters Madrid will be divided into two stages: the Swiss Stage and the Playoffs.

Swiss Stage

The Swiss Stage will be played from Mar. 14 to Mar. 18. In this phase, teams will have to obtain three victories to qualify for the Playoffs. A roster will be sent home after three defeats.


After the conclusion of the Swiss Stage, the best four teams will move to the Playoffs. This stage of the competition follows a double-elimination bracket format.

Here are the official dates for each stage of the bracket:

Mar. 21

March 21 will see the teams facing off in the Upper Bracket (UB) quarterfinals. The winners will move to the UB semifinals, while the losers will drop to the Lower Bracket (LB) quarterfinals.

Mar. 22

Two matches will be played on Mar. 22: the UB semifinals and the LB quarterfinals. The winner of the UB semifinals will move to the Grand Final, while the loser of the LB quarterfinals will be sent home.

Mar. 23

On Mar. 23, the two teams in the LB semifinals will meet and the winner will move to the tournament's Grand Final.

Mar. 24

Finally, the Grand Final will take place on Mar. 24.

VCT Masters Madrid - Teams

The VCT Masters Madrid will have eight teams in total. To qualify for the VCT Masters Madrid, the best teams in the world will have to finish inside the Top 2 of their respective top-flight division.

As of now, Valorant's esports scene is divided into four professional categories: VCT Americas, VCT Pacific, VCT EMEA, and VCT CN. Therefore, the best two rosters from each division will compete in Madrid.

While these tournaments are yet to kick off, these are the official start dates for each competition:

  • VCT Americas: Mar. 16
  • VCT Pacific: Mar. 17
  • VCT EMEA: Mar. 20
  • VCT CN: Mar. 22

More information will be displayed as we get close to the dates previously displayed.

VCT Masters Madrid - Location and venue

As its name indicates, the tournament will be held in Madrid, Spain. The venue chosen for the competition is the Madrid Arena, which has a capacity of 12,000 people.

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