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VCT Masters Madrid Preview: Paper Rex

Paper Rex took Pacific’s second seed.

Paper Rex will compete in the VCT Masters Madrid later this week as the Asian organization is one of the favorites to win the tournament held in Spain.

Here’s a brief look at the team’s results and most interesting storylines as the roster heads to the Spanish capital!


These are Paper Rex’s results at the VCT 2024 Pacific Kickoff that saw them qualify for the VCT Masters Madrid:

  • Group Stage: Paper Rex 2-1 Gen.G Esports (10-13 Breeze, 13-10 Lotus, 13-7 Sunset)
  • Playoffs Semifinals: Paper Rex 2-0 T1 (16-14 Split, 13-6 Ascent)
  • Playoffs Grand Finals: Paper Rex 1-3 Gen.G Esports (5-13 Ascent, 13-4 Split, 11-13 Lotus, 4-13 Bind)

Coming from Pacific’s Group C, the Valorant Champions 2023 grand finalists only played two matches to qualify for the VCT Masters Madrid. Unfortunately for the Singaporean organization, the brand missed out on the first seed after a harsh defeat against Gen.G Esports.

Map Picks and Map Vetos

Here’s a brief look at Paper Rex’s map picks and map vetos across the team’s first three matches of the season:

Map Picks

Paper Rex picked Lotus every time they played against Gen.G Esports, which means the squad has chosen the Indian map two times this season. Additionally, Paper Rex also picked Split (against T1) and Ascent (in the second match against the golden roster).

Map Vetos

Paper Rex banned Icebox and Bind twice each, while the squad banned Breeze and Ascent once. 


Here are the main storylines about Paper Rex and the upcoming VCT Masters Madrid!

Paper Rex’s consistency at VCT Masters

Although Paper Rex is one of the best Valorant organizations in the scene, the team has never won a VCT Masters. However, nobody can deny the team’s consistency.

Following a disappointing Top 15 place in Berlin, Paper Rex have always been in the fight for the title. Reykjavík saw them finishing in fourth place and, three months later, the Asian roster was one map away from winning the VCT Masters Copenhagen. Almost one year later, Paper Rex finished in third place at the VCT Masters Japan.

Heading to Madrid, the Asian organization will make its fifth appearance at the VCT Masters. Will this be the one?

Paper Rex still unbeaten against EDward Gaming

Paper Rex's debut at the VCT Masters Madrid will be against EDward Gaming, who obtained China’s first seed following a comfortable 3-1 victory over FunPlus Phoenix.

While the match will be an interesting clash between two of the best Asian teams in Valorant, the history books put Paper Rex as the favorite side despite the most recent results. Both Paper Rex and EDward Gaming have met three times at international top-flight competitions, with the Singaporean organization winning all of them.

The first time both sides clashed at an international competition was at the Valorant Champions 2022, where Paper Rex won by 2-1 in Group A’s opening match. The second match came in Jun. 2023, when Paper Rex defeated EDG at the VCT Masters Tokyo lower bracket. Finally, the teams met at the Valorant Champions 2023 as Paper Rex defeated the Chinese side in Group A’s winners match.

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