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Valorant Clove: Release date, abilities, bio, and everything you need to know

The new agent has been officially revealed

After weeks of speculation, rumors, and leaks, Clove has been revealed as the next agent coming to Valorant. Just as announced, the reveal took place before the grand finals of VCT Masters Madrid 2024.

Now that the information is out in the wild, we have gathered every important detail about the character so you can prepare accordingly for their arrival.

Release Date

Clove is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, March 26 with the launch of patch 8.05. As usual, a maintenance period will take place before the new update arrives and should last around four hours.

Maintenance should start at 6:00 am PT and end close to 10:00 am PT for North American, LATAM, and Brazil servers.

European users will have to wait a little bit longer as their maintenance should begin on Wednesday, March 27 at 4:00 am GMT and end by 8:00 am GMT.

Clove's Bio

Clove is a non-binary character that comes from Scotland and belongs to the Controller category. This is the sixth agent that is part of that type after Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Astra, and Harbor.

Here is the cinematic trailer for the character that also debuts the song 2 Worlds from the artist Madge:

Clove's Abilities

Just like the rumors pointed out, Clove is the first character in the game that defies death, having the ability to revive themselves if certain conditions are met. If you want to get familiar with their kit, here are their abilities' descriptions and a short demonstration for each one:

  • Not Dead Yet (X): Clove defies death by activating their immortality essence. To stabilize their form, they must remove the life energy of an opponent.
  • Ruse (E): Clove’s mind projects a view of the battlefield from above. Using their essence, they manifest vision-obscuring clouds that change the flow of battle, even in death.
  • Meddle (Q): Clove focuses a fragment of immortality essence that, once thrown, deteriorates the life essence of those hit by the blast.
  • Pick-Me-Up (C): Clove absorbs the life energy of a fallen enemy, granting them a moment of increased agility and health.

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