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Valorant Agent 25: Release date, role, and everything we know about

More clues about the next agent have been revealed

A new agent is on the horizon for Valorant, with this being the 25th character that's gonna be playable in the game. Not much is known about it, with Riot only releasing a few teasers here and there so far.

However, a few leaks have revealed more details about the character and while we wait for an official reveal, we have gathered all the important information.

Release Date

Agent 25 of Valorant is slated to be released with Act 2 of Episode 8, which should start on Tuesday, March 5th according to the countdown appearing in-game. Keep in mind that a downtime period will take place before the start of the new season.

The servers for North America, LATAM, and Brazil will go down at around 6:00 am PT and come back online for the start of the season at 10:00 am PT. On the other hand, users from European servers will have to wait a little bit longer.

The maintenance for these servers will begin on Wednesday, March 6 at around 4:00 GMT and end by 8:00 GMT.

Agent 25 

The character's official hasn't been revealed, but leakers discovered that some files in the game refer to them as "Smokedancer". This is just a temporary name that Riot developers use internally to not reveal the official one, but it could be an indicator of what type of agent we're getting this time.

On top of that, the battle pass for Act 1 of Episode 8 has a Player Card that seems to be related to this new agent. Here is the cosmetic in question in case you are not aware of that:

According to the X account ValorLeaks, this new agent is expected to have the role of Controller. Right now, there are only five controllers in the game, which are Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Astra, and Harbor.

There is still no official or leaked information regarding the new agent's abilities, but some speculation has started to come up online after patch 8.03 was added to the test servers of the game.

It is believed that butterflies will have something to do with the character's abilities, simply because some new voice messages found within the files of the latest update mention seeing a guy using "hundreds of butterflies". The messages also reveal that this new character is from Scotland.

Once more info is revealed for this new character, we will be updating this article to keep it up-to-date. Don't forget to follow us through our social media channels to stay informed on the latest Rainbow Six Siege news and stories about other competitive shooters like Valorant or Counter-Strike 2.

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