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Rainbow Six Siege releases new Tier 2 R6 Share cosmetics

New R6 Share skins have been released!

While fans are excited about the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen, Rainbow Six Siege surprised the community with the launch of ten new Tier 2 R6 Share cosmetics.

Players always welcome with open arms the release of new R6 Share skins, and this was no exception. The new sets of cosmetics join the esports bundles released in Mar. 2023, which included skins to represent G2 Esports, Fnatic, Team Liquid, and even CYCLOPS athlete gaming!

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New R6 Share Skins

Here's a brief look at the ten new R6 Share skins released during the second day of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen!

Dire Wolves

Dire Wolves have gone for an Asian operator this time. Ying, who is based in China, will represent the green organization during Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8.

DPlus Kia

Although DPlus KIA went through a rebrand, their new R6 Share skin includes the team's old logo. However, the operator card background doesn't. Interesting, right?

FAV Gaming

FAV Gaming is back to the R6 Share program with a skin for Hibana's secondary weapon. Other operators, including Echo, Thunderbird, Glaz, and Tachanka, can use it as well.


FURY's Year 7 skin was a huge success. The organization followed Elevate's formula creating a skin based on an anime mascot.

Now, FURY's strategy is different. You can now rock the orange and black colors with Jäger's 416-C Carbine, one of the best guns out there!


Heroic's new R6 Share skin can only be equipped for Lesion and Oryx's T-5 SMG. However, the color patterns used for the cosmetic are very similar to the ones Elevate used for the team's Ace and Fuze AK-12 skin.


Although the R6 Share program includes various Team oNe skins, this is the first one introduced to Rainbow Six Siege since the partnership between Team oNe and Los Grandes, which resulted in LOS oNe.


Mirage is playing on home soil! The organization has decided to be represented by Buck, the Canadian operator. This is good news because Buck doesn't have much representation in the R6 Share program.

Parabellum Esports

Parabellum Esports has gone for a Theme Park vibe, using the map's arcade machines to create their operator card background. They also created their mascot, which can be seen in their new R6 Share skin for Hibana. Very cool!

Talon Esports

Talon Esports have chosen the SMG-11 as their Year 8 gun. More and more organizations are leaning towards being represented by Smoke's secondary weapon, one of the most iconic guns in Rainbow Six Siege. With the arrival of Solis in the game, this makes even more sense. 

w7m esports

While w7m esports' new R6 Share skin isn't special, we expect a great number of Brazilian enthusiasts to purchase this bundle just to get their hands on the special w7m esports operator card background. 

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