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Rainbow Six Extraction lore gameplay trailer released

Rainbow Six Extraction launches later this month, but a lore gameplay trailer has been released today.

With Rainbow Six Extraction around the corner, players can't wait to get their hands on the brand-new Ubisoft game. Rainbow Six Extraction will include 18 Rainbow Six Siege operators, but the enemies will be... different. We are not talking of terrorists anymore, but aliens. 

Yes, you heard that right. The trailer shows how a peaceful day in New York City turns out to be a real nightmare. 

And then, the GEO operator Elena "Mira" Álvarez explains the situation. It doesn't look good — aliens took control of the world. It is time for Team Rainbow to react... with the REACT Tech. 

What does the Rainbow Six Extraction lore gameplay trailer show?

The trailer shows us some of the maps that will be available in the game. The Siege technology also experienced some changes, as it has been adapted to deal with aliens instead of human terrorists. 

This new Siege technology is called REACT, which includes various gadgets that will make your job easy. Gadgets are not the only thing that changed but also some of the operators' abilities, including Capitão's Arrow, or Hibana's XKAIROS. 

However, what about the enemies? What do we know about these aliens? Well, let's call them by their real name: Archæans. 

These are divided into 12 kinds of Archæans, although the trailer just introduces us to a few of them: the lurker and the apex.

You also probably noticed that the map's surfaces are mainly covered by something black, a material similar to glue. Well, that's called "sprawl," and slows you down — while giving the Archæans a speed boost. 

The trailer also shows some other aspects of the game such as the nests, where the Archæans come from, or a combination of gadgets and operator abilities, with Pulse — yes, Pulse — deploying what looks like a claymore, while Alibi deploys one of her Prismas. The Archæan sees the Prisma... and boom. 

The trailer ends with Sledge observing what looks like the Archæans Sledge, as it holds what looks like an alien-hammer. 

When does Rainbow Six Extraction come out?

Rainbow Six Extraction comes out on Jan. 20, so get ready to change terrorists for the Archæans. From deactivating bombs and protecting hostages to saving the earth. What a change for Team Rainbow that is, uh? 

With just 13 more days before the awaited day, here's more information on Rainbow Six Exctration. Everything you need to know on one page.