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Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets: Everything we know (REACT gadgets, how to equip)

Gadgets are essential tools in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets: Everything we know (REACT gadgets, how to equip)

Having a good set of gadgets is as important as having good communication and understanding with the rest of your teammates.

In this article, we will have a look at the gadgets that have already been announced for Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft's brand-new videogame which will be launched Jan. 20. 

Here's everything we know so far of Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets — Which ones have been announced so far?

Ubisoft's exclusive website for Rainbow Six Extraction currently shows five different gadgets — the Glue Grenade, the Arc Mine, the Field Wall, the React Light, and the Scan Mine. 

Ubisoft has shown five different gadgets so far. (Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has also written short descriptions for each one of  the gadgets:

  • Glue Grenade: "Slow the Archæans by hindering their movement and gain a tactical advantage."
  • Arc Mine: "Quickly eliminate multiple oncoming threats around corners with the Arc Mine."
  • Field Wall: "Deploys on impact a barrier wall that blocks parasite projectiles."
  • React Light: "This tool can help you spot Archæans by activating their bioluminescence. It can be used to detect them through walls."
  • Scan Mine: "Scan mines can provide an extra set of eyes when covering multiple positions."

Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets — What are all of the REACT gadgets?

However, what about the other 20 REACT gadgets? Well, although these don't appear on the website, we have seen some of them being used in official trailers of the game. 

The trailer enlightens us with some extra information on other gadgets that operators will be able to use on the battlefield. These include:

  • Recon Drone: "Remotely gather intelligence by manually scanning Objectives, Archæans, and Supply Cases in camera view. Drone recharges every 30 seconds when disabled or can be resupplied at a REACT Tech Supply Case."
  • Body Armor: "Always fall to DBNO while wearing Body Armor. Reduces incoming damage by 20%. REACT Tech Supply Case replenishes and reapplies Body Armor."
  • Revive Kit: "When you get knocked down to DBNO you can revive yourself 1 time. Always fall to DBNO while Revive Kit is equipped. Each time you get knocked down to DBNO you will reach KO faster. REACT Tech Supply Case can resupply."
  • AMMO Satchel: "Deploy with 50% more ammunition. Applies to Primary and Secondary weapons only."
  • Stun Grenade: "Stun Archæans within an area. Throwable grenade, detonating 2.5-seconds after impact. Carry 3 Stun Grenades."
The Glue Grenade in Rainbow Six Extraction, via Ubisoft's video.

Oh, and the appearance of other Siege utility such as claymores, C4's, impact grenades, and smoke grenades, has also been confirmed. 

Despite not having official descriptions for the next ones, an image is worth a thousand words. Throughout the video, we can see operators using special gadgets, and with a list of 25 REACT tools, everything leads us to think that these are part of the REACT Tech. Let's have a look at some of them:

  • Paralyzing grenade: This gadget paralyzes the enemy, which leaves it exposed to the players' attacks.  
  • Laser: Operators will be able to equip a laser with them, which can be used to dissolve the sprawl that makes enemies faster. 
  • Mines: Although this could be an adaptation of the Siege's claymore, we think this might be a brand-new element. The mines look like a normal claymore, but they can detect enemies and destroy them with what looks like a laser. 

How do you unlock gadgets to use in Rainbow Six Extraction?

The recently released trailer also shows players having tokens to spend on developing REACT Tech, which probably makes the effects last for longer or just become stronger. Players must select gadgets they want to bring with them into each mission, choosing wisely based on their playstyle, team composition, and the challenges that lie ahead. 

How to combine Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets on the battlefield

With such a variety of gadgets, players have no excuse to not be imaginative! You can combine Tachanka's two LMG's with the Field Wall, or the React Light with Fuze's gadget. 

There are many combinations you'll be able to explore come January 20 when the game is officially launched.