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What operators are in Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha is around the corner!

Rainbow Six Mobile's Closed Alpha is around the corner and fans are excited to see what it's all about. 

Rainbow Six Mobile isn't claiming to be a replacement for Rainbow Six Siege, but it does include a lot of the same elements, including the maps and operators. You'll notice a lot of the same faces in Rainbow Six Mobile — but there are some differences in how these operators function. 

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What operators are in Rainbow Six Mobile?



Ash is one of the most well-known operators in Rainbow Six Siege and we expect her to have the same popularity in the Mobile version. She brings Breaching Charges, a projectile that can destroy soft surfaces and bulletproof gadgets. 

Although Ash lost her stun grenades a long while ago in Rainbow Six Siege, she will bring them to the Rainbow Six Mobile battlefield.


Sledge brings one of Rainbow Six Siege's most iconic elements, the Hammer. He is a soft breacher, an operator exclusively used to open soft walls or floors. With a good gun kit and frag grenades, Sledge has a high pick rate in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Considering that Sledge is the only soft breacher in Rainbow Six Mobile, we expect him to be a regular in any attacking lineup. His frag grenades are a big plus too.


Twitch brings the Shock Drone, a special type of drone that can shoot tasers and destroy gadgets along with it. Her intel-gathering capacity (two Shocking Drones and a standard drone), the ability to get rid of defender gadgets, and her F2 make Twitch a very-meta operator in Rainbow Six Siege. We expect her presence in Rainbow Six Mobile to be as high as in the main game.


Thermite is the first hard breacher on the list. A hard breacher is an operator focused on opening reinforced surfaces, such as walls or hatches. Hard breachers are vital in any attacking lineup, so Thermite should be a very popular operator in Rainbow Six Mobile. 


Hibana is the second hard breacher on the list. While Thermite has to get close to the surface to destroy it, Hibana can throw the hard breaching device — the X-KAIROS — from a safe distance.

In Rainbow Six Siege, the X-KAIROS number can be changed and she can decide if to use two, four, or six at the same time. With this being a quite recent tweak to her utility, her Rainbow Six Mobile version could get us back to Rainbow Six Siege's roots. Only time will tell. 


The hard breacher's best friend is also in Rainbow Six Mobile. Thatcher is an operator from the S.A.S and brings the EMP grenade, a gadget that deactivates any defender device for a short time. With it, he can deactivate Bandit's batteries so Thermite or Hibana can destroy the reinforced surface.

He is vital in Rainbow Six Siege and, believe us, his importance is going to be the same in Rainbow Six Mobile.


Ying is a scary operator in Rainbow Six Siege. She brings the Candelas, a device that can blind any operator in the game — including defenders and attackers. She is incredibly strong as she has an LMG and an insane amount of utility in her pocket. 

Despite her strength, Ying isn't much used in Rainbow Six Siege. Considering the short pool of operators in Rainbow Six Mobile, we don't expect this to happen here. Ying is probably going to be the defenders' new nightmare. 



Caveira is a roamer, meaning her role is to walk around the map. She has the silent walk, which is an ability that makes her silent when running or walking. With impact grenades and a shotgun as a primary weapon, Caveira is a very strong roamer, especially in the maps already announced to feature in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Caveira can also interrogate downed attackers to know the exact location of her opponents. We expect Caveira to be quite popular in Rainbow Six Mobile, at least in the initial stage of the game.


Bandit can deploy his electric batteries to reinforced walls and barbed wire to slow down the attackers' push. He is the main enemy of any hard breacher, as both Thermite and Hibana won't be able to deploy their gadgets to an electrified wall. 

We expect Bandit to be a must-pick in Rainbow Six Mobile, especially since Kaid hasn't been announced.


Rook isn't the greatest operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Although his pick rate is quite low, his win delta is one of the highest in the game — which could also happen in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Rook brings extra armor for his teammates, boosting their health. His MP5 also has a magnified sight, which could be the only one on defense during the first stages of Rainbow Six Mobile.


Smoke is one of the most iconic anchors in Rainbow Six Siege. He has one of the best shotguns, and he can also bring the SMG-11. His gas canisters will damage any operator that breaths in the smoke of gas. We expect him to be quite frequent in Rainbow Six Mobile, although we don't know yet how the community will react to shotguns in the game's phone version.


Valkyrie brings three throwable cameras to Rainbow Six Siege. Information is precious, and we expect its importance to be the same in Rainbow Six Mobile. Her primary weapon is a gun with very manageable recoil, so new players will probably main her. Using her is a good way to get into the Siege world, as it is a good way to see how important information is in this game. 


Mute is a good alternative if players don't want to use Bandit. Mute's devices jam any attacking device, including drones and hard breach charges. It is a very important operator in Rainbow Six Siege due to how important is to get information — his jammers make this task a tough one. Being a counter to hard breachers is another important plus to have in mind. 

In Rainbow Six Mobile, Mute's impact is surely going to be the same. Depending on what you want to bring to the battlefield, Mute might be even a better option than Bandit.


Last but not least, Recruit. In Rainbow Six Siege, Recruit can be used on defense and on the attack. Recruit doesn't bring any special gadget or ability to the game, but he has a large pool of utility and weapons. He is important when you start playing the game. However, once the majority of the players unlock the game's operators, we expect his presence to downfall. 

What are the best operators in Rainbow Six Mobile?

We already have an answer to this question judging by the importance of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege. 

On the attacking side, hard breachers will be a must. Players will have to bring at least one, Thermite or Hibana. Alongside them, Thatcher or Twitch will have to accompany the hard breacher operator to get rid of any defender utility. Sledge is also a must, and the roster will possibly be completed with Ying or Ash. 

Meanwhile, on defense, Bandit or Mute will be present in almost every round. Smoke should be there as well as he's the only pure anchor announced for Rainbow Six Mobile. Caveira can be a great addition too — especially on Bank, a map full of rooms and corners — and Valkyrie can deliver information to the rest of the team.

Ideal ATK roster: Thermite, Thatcher, Twitch, Sledge, Ash.

Ideal DEF roster: Smoke, Bandit, Valkyrie, Mute, Rook.

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