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What is a soft breacher in Siege?

Here's how to be a soft breacher in Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is like a complex game of chess. With over 60 operators in the game, and with each one having its own functionality, knowing how to use them properly is pivotal at succeeding in the game. 

Today we will have a look at the soft breachers, which are attacking operators that open soft walls and floors to put pressure on the defenders. 

What is a soft breacher in Rainbow Six Siege?

Soft breacher operators focus on destroying certain parts of the map in order to put pressure on the defenders. We are talking of operators with utility and the right kit to open walls, floors, or even ceilings, as big and as quickly as possible. 

These kinds of operators are very useful when attacking sites with destructible floors or ceilings, so you often see them in maps like Kafe, Clubhouse, Consulate, or Border.

Rainbow Six Siege soft breacher operators

When thinking of soft breacher operators in Siege, we immediately think of Sledge and Buck. They are the best at this role, as their operator gadgets do the job easily and quickly. They can open big holes and their kits are perfect for cleaning sites from ADS' or Wamais'. Also, their weapons are some of the best on the attacker side, despite Sledge recently getting a nerf by losing his secondary SMG-11.

Let's have a look first at both operators, and then decide who's the best one at soft breaching.


When we think of destruction in Siege, Sledge comes to mind. This operator is useful when it comes to attacking almost every site in the game due to his ability and his kit. As we mentioned before, the SAS operator received a small tweak as he lost his SMG-11 in September 2021.


  • Sledge's hammer can instantly open any wall. With just one hit, he will be able to crouch or vault through the hole. 
  • Floors destruction. Sledge's hammer is very useful when attacking basements with destructible ceilings, such as Consulate's Garage/Cafeteria or Kafe's Kitchen Service/Kitchen Cooking.
  • Gadget destruction with hammer. Sledge's hammer can destroy any defender gadget, including bulletproof cameras, Maestro cameras, or deployable shields.
  • Two grenades. Sledge also has two grenades that can be used to destroy any defender gadget or to activate Jäger ADS' or Wamai DEMAGNETO's. 


  • Distance. When he's opening holes he's also very exposed to C4's, unlike Buck, who can open holes from distance.
  • Forget about ceilings. Sledge's hammer is limited to walls and floors, he can't reach the ceiling — unlike Buck.


The soft breaching debate started with the introduction of Buck with the launch of Operation Black Ice. At some point, Buck also had two grenades, and his Skeleton Key was a very useful third weapon that made his kit one to consider for certain takes. 

However, Buck is far from his prime version, which doesn't make him useless. In fact, Buck is quite meta right now.


  • Buck's Skeleton Key destruction power. Just like Sledge, he can open a hole in any soft wall and vault or crouch through it. 
  • Buck's versatility. Buck's gadget goes one step further than the hammer. As he can open holes from distance, he is able to open soft walls from one floor to another. He can even open them while rappeling in a window, which gives him plenty of advantage — if played well. These are some examples:

  • Distance. His versatility makes it harder for defenders to kill him with a C4, unlike Sledge, who can't use the distance to his advantage. 
  • Two hard breaching charges. Although he lost his grenades a long while ago, his kit is very underrated. With three flashes, he can trigger any ADS or DEMAGNETO. He also has two hard breaching charges that he can use to open reinforced hatches or walls, which makes him a very complete breacher in both areas — soft and hard.
  • Ceilings are a reachable target.  Buck's Skeleton Key can reach the ceilings, so he can be used to destroy utility from below, or to make defenders feel pressure and leave their usual spots. 
  • A third weapon. After all, the Skeleton Key is a shotgun... and a very strong one! In close-range gunfights, the Skeleton Key gives Buck a big advantage. 


  • The grenades are still a big L. No grenades, no party. Sledge's grenades can destroy any defender gadget from distance. 
  • No destruction power over bulletproof utility. Unlike the hammer, Buck's shotgun can't destroy bulletproof cameras or shields. 
  • Good aim is a priority. Buck's C8-SFW is quite difficult to control, even for professionals. 


With each operator having its own upsides and downsides, it is a matter of what site are you going to attack and how you feel with each set of weapons. Sledge's main gun is easier to control, and the grenades and his bulletproof destruction power give him a clear advantage in sites where ceiling destruction is not a priority. 

So, in maps like Oregon, Bank, or Coastline, Sledge could be the best option. Meanwhile, Buck's versatility could give him an advantage in maps like Kafe or Consulate. At the end of the day, the player's comfortability with the operator and the strats to be followed will be determinant at choosing one. 

It is also worth noticing that Sledge and Buck coexist in the professional environment, with the SAS operator usually being picked more often. 

Alternative soft breaches in R6

Although these are the best options for soft breaching, many other operators are used for that same purpose. 


The Spanish operator is very useful, especially while cleaning roamers. His secondary shotgun is often used as a soft breaching tool, although his destruction power is far from the Skeleton Key. 


With a shotgun as a secondary weapon and three soft breaching charges, Gridlock is a very good alternative to Sledge and Buck. Her Trax Stingers can also be deployed to make the roamers' job a bit harder. 

Zofia, Ash, and Flores

Let's be honest, Ash right now is far from what she used to be. However, her three soft breaching charges and her two projectiles make her a ranked-alternative. The same can be said of Zofia, as her grenade launcher and her three soft breacher charges might do the trick. 

Meanwhile, Flores' RCE-Ratero Charges can also do a good job at soft breaching, as they open big holes in walls and floors. 

Although these three operators usually focus on clearing bulletproof gadgets and defender utility, these can be good alternatives at soft breaching.

How do I improve at soft breaching in Rainbow Six Siege?

You must focus on your Sledge and Buck play. These are the two most-used operators at soft breaching, so you should master one of these two. 

Soft breachers do more than destruction, it is more than just explosions. Communication is key, you will be seeing things that others won't — where did defenders place certain utility, where are they located, where are they moving after you opened the hole. You must be able to give all this information to your teammates. 

You also need a good usage of your utility, in order to destroy bulletproof gadgets — in Sledge's case. If you are Buck, the usage of your three flashes is also pivotal, especially to trigger ADS' or DEMAGNETO's. 

And don't forget about droning! If you know where the defenders locate, you can surprise them by opening a hole over their heads. If you're quick enough, you might get a very important kill.  

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