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What maps are in Rainbow Six Mobile?

These are the maps confirmed for Rainbow Six Mobile!

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Rainbow Six Mobile is officially on the way, giving Rainbow Six Siege fans something to anticipate — or hate on.

Ubisoft has stated that Rainbow Six Mobile isn't meant to replace Rainbow Six Siege. You won't see PC players rushing to uninstall Siege so they can play on their phones instead.

Said developers: "Since we can’t carry our monitors with us everywhere, Rainbow Six Mobile will give you the opportunity to play the game you love in short, accessible bursts, while also enabling millions of new players to get the R6 experience."

It's only fitting that Rainbow Six Mobile has some of the same elements and content as Siege. This includes the maps. But which ones are in Rainbow Six Mobile? So far, only two maps have been confirmed.

Bank — Rainbow Six Mobile map

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Bank is a map located in the center of a very populated city. The bank itself is heavily fortified, meaning attackers will have a hard time infiltrating it and locating the objective. Defenders, on the other hand, can easily reinforce the small rooms within.

Bank was first released when Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015. It takes place in Los Angeles. The rework in 2021 made the map a bit more balanced but it's still considered one of the more average maps in the competitive pool. It will be interesting to see what changes the mobile version brings.

Borders — Rainbow Six Mobile map

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The second confirmed Rainbow Six Mobile map is Borders. It's a deadly outpost set between two countries and surrounded by mountains. Borders has old and new buildings but also contains open areas that make it quite dangerous. It's one of the most open maps in Rainbow Six.

This Middle Eastern-themed map came out in 2016 with the Dust Line update. Unlike Bank, Borders favors attackers. Despite this, Borders has remained a pretty exciting map that feels intense for all competitive players.

Will any other maps be on Rainbow Six Mobile?

So far, only two maps have been revealed for Rainbow Six Mobile. Developers state that further intel is coming soon in the maps section of the Rainbow Six Mobile site, however, meaning more maps are most likely getting announced in the near future.

For more information on Rainbow Six Mobile, check out everything we know so far.

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