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Rainbow Six Mobile announces Ying for Closed Alpha

Ying's Candelas will be in the mobile version of the game.

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Imagine finishing work or school, having a relaxing dinner, watching your favorite show, and calling it a day by heading to bed. However, you change your mind as you feel like playing Siege before sleeping, so you turn on Rainbow Six Mobile. Lights off, only you and your cellphone.

Suddenly, while defending, you hear a loud explosion. The whole screen turns white, not only blinding your in-game operator but also yourself.

If you are wondering who's responsible for it, that's probably Ying. The Chinese operator has been confirmed by Rainbow Six Mobile to feature in the game's Closed Alpha.

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Who is Ying in Rainbow Six Siege?

Ying is an operator that was launched to the game alongside Operation Blood Orchid. For years, Ying has been a very usable operator, but players have never abused her compared to other operators in the game.

Ying's unique ability is the Candela, a special grenade that blinds people. She has a set of Four Candelas and can be used to trigger defensive gadgets such as Jäger's ADSs and Wamai's MAG-Nets.

The Candelas can be used to perform really strong pushes to the sites. Ying can also bring two Smoke Grenades, another valuable gadget while attacking.

About a week ago, she suffered what people think is a buff.

What operators are confirmed to be in Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile's operator list is growing week by week. Just a few days ago, Thatcher was confirmed to be in the game. Looking at the attacking side of the operator pool, the names confirmed as of today are Thatcher, Ying, Hibana, Thermite, Twitch, and Ash.

Meanwhile, Caveira, Bandit, Rook, Valkyrie, Mute, and Smoke have been confirmed in the defensive operator pool. However, the official Rainbow Six Mobile trailer has shown Pulse and Jäger in the game, so everything leads us to think that the duo will be confirmed soon.

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