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Valorant to add new map in Episode 8 Act 3

A new map is coming to Valorant.

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Valorant's Episode 8 Act 3 is already here and has brought multiple new features to the game including a new Battlepass and nerfs to Cypher and Viper.

However, one of the main talking points of Valorant's Episode 8 Act 3 release has been the map pool for the third act. Unfortunately, Riot Games decided to keep the competitive map rotation intact. This means Valorant players will probably have to spend two more months playing the same maps on Ranked.

Luckily, a breath of fresh air may be just around the corner. According to some leaks, Riot Games will be adding a new map pretty soon.

Valorant to introduce a new map in Episode 8 Act 3

According to recent leaks posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), Riot Games is adding a new map to Valorant. Unfortunately, Valorant's new map won't be introduced to the game with Episode 8 Act 3. Instead, Valorant's new map will be released to the game following the conclusion of the VCT Masters Shanghai.

Valorant's new map to be called Bastion

It's not the first time we see a potential new map being leaked on social media. In March 2023, @ValorantUpdated released a picture of a map called Bastion that has yet to hit the live servers.

Despite the hype around Valorant's potential new map, the pictures of Bastion make us think that this will be a Team Deathmatch map. This is because the map seems to be pretty small and not large enough for Competitive play.

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