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Siege is making it easier to learn the game and unlock operators if you're a new player

Newcomer Challenges are going to be a thing with Operation Commanding Force!

The new Rainbow Six Siege changes introduced with Operation Commanding Force have been announced today at the Six Invitational 2023!

Operation Commanding Force will be released on Mar. 7 and it will introduce new features to the game -- some just improving the quality of life of players, but some that will change how it is played.

Brava is the newest operator of Rainbow Six Siege. Her Kludge Drones will be extremely powerful as they will be able to hack any defensive gadget. On top of that, the newest season will introduce changes to reloading, a new anti-cheat for console players, and even a new Battle Pass feature! 

One of the updates that will arrive with Operation Commanding Force are the Beginner Challenges, a set of tasks that will reward newcomer players with renown and operators. If you ever thought of playing Rainbow Six Siege but were too intimidated to start, now is the time!

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Siege Beginner Challenges

Beginner Challenges are a new experience for newcomers!

Each operator will have a set of objectives. Once you have completed every task, you will not only get renown for it, but you will also be rewarded with the operator for free!

It seems that these newcomer challenges will include tasks to unlock Hibana, Twitch, Montagne, Fuze, Ash, and Lion on attack. Meanwhile, Ela, Valkyrie, Rook, Jäger, Castle, and Tachanka, will be the operators to unlock on defense.

What will Newcomer Challenges include?

Apparently, Newcomer Challenges will include renown, boosters, and possibly packs.

Ultimately, when completing the objectives, you will get the operator to use it in any game mode you want! This should motivate players to play more and get more interested in the game, especially those that are just starting their Siege experience!

If you are a player who has already unlocked every operator in Rainbow Six Siege, don't worry: these challenges are for you as well. Although you can't unlock an operator for a second time, you will be awarded with renown and boosters.

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