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Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Solar Raid introduces new Battle Pass progression system

A new Battle Pass experiences comes to Rainbow Six Siege with Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid.

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Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season, Year 7 Season 4 Operation Solar Raid, will introduce many new features to the game. Solis joins Rainbow Six Siege's new faction, Ghosteyes, while a new map, Nighthaven Labs, will be added to the map pool.

The most awaited change is likely the rework of the Ranked game mode, called Ranked 2.0. However, players are also looking forward to the upcoming Battle Pass, which will also go through some changes.

For more information on Operation Solar Raid, which was fully revealed during the first day of the Jönköping Major, check out our full article about Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation.

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New Siege Battle Pass progression system

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In Rainbow Six Siege, the Battle Pass is a feature that rewards players with cosmetics each time they unlock a tier. Players have access to two different Battle Passes, the standard Battle Pass and the Premium Battle Pass.

Until now, Battle Passes have been linear. Operation Brutal Swarm's Battle Pass included over 100 cosmetics, which can all be obtained by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass.

With Operation Solar Raid, the Siege Battle Pass experience is changing. Players will be able to plan their own paths, choosing what tiers to unlock.

For example, if your favorite operator is Smoke, you can focus on unlocking Smoke's exclusive items included on the Battle Pass. With this system, Ubisoft gives the chance to players to not having to complete the whole Battle Pass to obtain the desired cosmetics.

On top of that, everytime you unlock a tier, you will get Battle Pass tokens. Players will be able to spend these tokens in cosmetics included on the Battle Pass.

What does Siege's Premium Battle Pass include?

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Despite the change, Siege's Premium Battle Pass keeps giving players exclusive cosmetics and advantages. These are the following:

  • Early and free access to the new seasonal operator, Solis.
  • 30% increased Battle Pass progression.
  • 10% in-game shop discount.
  • Exclusive cosmetics.

Siege's Battle Pass is worth $10, and you can get it anytime in the game's store. If you want more cosmetics for your favorite operators in Rainbow Six Siege, this is the best way to get them!

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