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Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass review: Is it worth buying?

Operation Brutal Swarm has its own Battle Pass.

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Rainbow Six Siege welcomed its new operation yesterday, Sep. 6, as Operation Brutal Swarm made its way to the game. For instance, Rainbow Six Siege has now a new Battle Pass. Is it worth buying it?

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How much does the Rainbow Six Siege Premium Battle Pass cost?

Purchasing the Battle Pass is easy. You just need $10, the equivalent of 1,200 R6 Credits. For that price, you will have access to a wide range of new and exclusive cosmetics.

Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass gun skins

Last season's Battle Pass was focused on Team Wolfguard. Now is Team Nightheaven's turn, as most of the guns are themed around the Siege faction.

Operation Brutal Swarm's Battle Pass includes 16 different gun skins, with these being our favorites:

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Smoke and Mute have already got plenty of cool designs for the M590A1 Shotgun, and this is another great addition to the list.

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When thinking of skins for Valk's Deagle, most of the players think of golden skins. Now, the Compact Intruder skin might be the player's new favorite option when playing the gun.

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Another similar design can be found in the final cosmetic of the Battle Pass, which can be used for Nokk and Smoke's FMG-9 skin.

Operation Brutal Swarm attachment skins

Operation Brutal Swarm's Battle Pass includes three different attachment skins.

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The first attachment skin we find in the Battle Pass is the Haven Troubleshooter, which can be used with the M590A1 Shotgun. It's not the greatest, as the scopes for this weapon are very small and some people don't even use them.

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The Poisonous Membrane is a universal attachment skin, which means it can be used for any gun in Rainbow Six Siege. It combines various blue-ish tones, so it can fit with many other gun skins in the game.

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Finally, the Cloaked Interloper. It can only be used with the FMG-9, Nokk's primary weapon. It's green... and that's it. But it really looks good!

Operation Brutal Swarm operator Card Backgrounds

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Operation Brutal Swarm's Battle Pass includes eight operator card backgrounds and a universal card background, which is two more than last season's tally.

Moreover, this season's operator card backgrounds are very different from one another and follow the operator's lore. It really explains a bit of the story behind its operator. This is for sure one of the best features of this season's Battle Pass!

Operation Brutal Swarm operator portraits

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Just like with the operator card backgrounds, there are two extra operators here compared to last season's Battle Pass. The operators also fit their respective card backgrounds, which will upgrade the player's operator menu looks.

Is it worth purchasing the Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass?

After having a deep look at this season's Battle Pass, we can finally say that yes, it's worth it.

It includes over a hundred different cosmetics, including Alpha Packs and Bravo Packs. All of them are unique, as these can only be obtained through the Battle Pass. For just 10$, it really feels like a good deal.

If you really want to personalize your Rainbow Six Experience, investing in the Battle Pass is a must.

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