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Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass review: Is it worth buying?

Operation Vector Glare has its own Battle Pass.

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Rainbow Six Siege's newest operation, Operation Vector Glare, has its own Battle Pass. However, players are wondering if it's worth the trouble of purchasing.

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How much does the Rainbow Six Siege Premium Battle Pass cost?

The Rainbow Six Siege Premium Battle Pass costs 1,200 R6 Credits.

You can also spend more R6 Credits to unlock various tiers without playing the game, which will instantly unlock you a certain number of cosmetics.

Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass gun skins

Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass includes 17 new skins, with a big majority of them being inspired by Team Wolfguard.

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Doc and Rook's Experimental Unit gun skin might be one of the best, and it appears in just the fifth tier of the Premium Battle Pass. Including a weird yellow cable on the left side of the weapon and the Team Wolfguard logo, this gun is different from the rest.

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The big majority of the gun skins in the Battle Pass follow a very similar design, combining blue and dark shades. It is worth noting that some of these skins include a quote from a Team Wolfguard operator, providing the player with interesting lore.

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Operation Vector Glare's Battle Pass also includes a few brownish skins, which aren't very popular in Siege — players usually prefer colorful designs.

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Last but not least, Pulse's and Castle's Threat Assesment skin. It's the final skin in the Battle Pass, as it's included in the very last tier.

Overall, I think these Battle Pass skins are far behind Operation Demon Veil's Battle Pass skins. Ubisoft's idea of using lore as the skin's base has limited their options, leading to boring designs.

Operation Vector Glare attachment skins

Operation Vector Glare includes three different attachment skins, these being the following:

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You can only equip this attachment skin to Doc's and Rook's P90, as it's part of the Experimental Unit kit.

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Azure Ward is Operation Vector Glare's universal attachment skin, which means you can equip this one to any attachment in the game.

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Finally, Pulse's and Castle's Threat Assesment attachment skin. It goes together with the Battle Pass Tier 100 skin, and can only be used for the UMP45.

Operation Vector Glare operator card backgrounds

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Operation Vector Glare Operator Card Backgrounds are cool, but these are another example of Ubisoft laziness. The first, third, and fifth look almost identical. The same happens with the second and the fourth. Possibly, the best ones are the two at the end of the list, with the Defensive Scheme being the only universal operator card background.

Operation Vector Glare operator portraits

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While the Card Backgrounds might be lazy, the Operator Portraits are very well designed. These are some of the best Portraits in the game probably, possibly being better than the ones we saw in Operator Demon Veil.

Other Operation Vector Glare cosmetics

Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass includes many other cosmetics such as charms, uniforms, and headgears. These are some of our favorites:

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Doc looks really good here! He is the leader of Team Wolfguard, so a Doc uniform was a must in this season's Battle Pass.

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Melusi's headgear might be the best in the Battle Pass. Full of golden details, she looks astonishing.

Is it worth purchasing Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass?

Well, despite the negative comments, we still think it's a great idea to purchase the Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass.

Keep in mind that purchasing the Premium Battle Pass only costs 1,200 R6 Credits, which is around 10 euros or 10,5 dollars. In Rainbow Six Siege, that amount of money unlocks just a bundle or even just a gun skin. With 100 tiers in it, it's insane how many cosmetics you can unlock with just 1,200 R6 Credits.

You also have access to Bravo Packs, which can give you some of the best skins in the entire game — including the Black Ice.

So, despite some of the skins or cosmetics might look boring or lazy, it is still a great purchase.

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