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Does R6 Siege have a zombies mode?

There have been a few zombie-like modes.

One of the most popular modes in the Call of Duty games is zombies, where you can practice your aim on an incoming barrage of crazed zombies with varying skills and powers. Since shooters often take inspiration from each other, some people wonder if Rainbow Six Siege has a zombie mode of its own. 

The answer? Sort of. 

What is Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak event? 

Rainbow Six Siege introduced a limited time event called Outbreak when Operation Chimera dropped. The event became one of the most beloved in all of Rainbow Six Siege history, revolving around an epidemic ravaging Truth or Consequence, New Mexico. 

Outbreak actually became the inspiration for Rainbow Six Extraction, a game that has teams of three operators take on different parasitic aliens to finish different tasks throughout the country. 

But Outbreak and Extraction are aliens, not zombies. The similarities, however, are the waves of aliens that run at you throughout your mission. This gives the same vibe as zombies mode, with AI-controlled enemies coming in hoardes to mess with you. 

Early on, people actually thought that Extraction was going to feature zombies instead of aliens! The  game was originally called Quarantine and was described at E3 like this by developers: "When a mutated alien parasite starts infecting human hosts, it's up to the Operators of Team Rainbow to stop the deadly threat before time runs out."

Rainbow Six Siege Containment brings zombies back

Containment was a limited time event in R6 Siege that was introduced during North Star, lasting from August 3 - August 24, 2021. 

Inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction, Containment was a way to bring Extraction-like gameplay to Rainbow Six fans while the game was still being developed. In this version of events, the Chimera parasite has spread and REACT Operatives must neutralize the threat. 

To fight off operators, the parasite has created humanoid forms known as the Proteans. The Proteans are similar to the ones found in Extraction, looking eerily similar to existing operators. 

Again, these are aliens instead of zombies. But it's a unique take on the zombie-type gameplay of Call of Duty, with AI-controlled enemies showcasing different abilities and characteristics as they charage at you throughout the match. 

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