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Rainbow Six Mobile: Maps

Rainbow Six Mobile has four maps.

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Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch release has created a lot of expectations among gamers. Unfortunately, Ubisoft's new FPS title is exclusive to Mexico and Canada.

While the game doesn't drop in your country, we advise you to check our Rainbow Six Mobile guides!

In the meantime, here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Mobile maps!

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Rainbow Six Mobile: Maps

Rainbow Six Mobile has four maps, all of them from Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Mobile includes Bank, Border, Clubhouse, and Oregon.


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Bank is a map with one basement and two floors (ground floor and first floor). The attackers can get to the ceiling and use it against the defenders, as there are four skylights.

Bank has lots of windows and doors, which means defenders can use them to get spawn peeks. It's also useful for the attackers, as they have lots of options to get inside the building.

This map has lots of rooms and corners. This is great for the defenders, as they can hide very easily. Attackers must clean the roamers before focusing on the enemy site, which forces them to lose a lot of time and utility.


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Border is a map with two floors (ground floor and first floor). This is a very complete map and it requires at least, one hard breacher. The use of Bandit and Mute is very important on Border.

Unlike to Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Mobile's Border includes stairs that lead to the bus AC. This makes it easier for players to get there, an important part of the map especially when attacking Armory/Services.


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Clubhouse is one of the best maps in Rainbow Six Siege, so we expect Rainbow Six Mobile fans to like this one.

For most of the community, this map includes a great part of Rainbow Six Siege's fundamentals. We expect this map to be defender-sided, and hard breachers to be very important.


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With the launch of Operation Fallen Sakura, Ubisoft included Oregon to Rainbow Six Mobile.

This map is exactly the same as its version in Rainbow Six Siege, so we expect the meta to be defender-sided. It's very important that attackers get rid of the roamers as soon as possible.

Moreover, attackers will have to bring hard breachers to destroy the reinforced walls and hatches, which are very important on Oregon.

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