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Rainbow Six Mobile announces Closed Beta

Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta is around the corner!

After a summer break, Rainbow Six Mobile updates are back. Rainbow Six Siege's game for mobile devices is making a step forward by announcing the release of its Closed Beta -- and it's dropping soon.

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Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta - When will it be released?

Rainbow Six Mobile's Closed Beta will be released this autumn. Players can pre-register through Google Play, which means that only Android users will have the chance of trying out the game.

A few hours after the initial announcement, Rainbow Six Mobile's official Twitter account posted an update regarding the game's future on iOS.

According to the Dev Team, the team is "working hard on our iOS version" and players should expect a "future technical test dedicated only to iOS."

To pre-register for the upcoming Closed Beta, players can go to Ubisoft's official Rainbow Six Mobile website and follow the steps described.

When will Rainbow Six Mobile come out?

Rainbow Six Mobile is yet to announce an official release date for the game. For more information and upcoming updates, check out our general article for Rainbow Six Mobile.

What maps will feature on Rainbow Six Mobile?

As of now, two maps have been confirmed: Bank and Border. Both maps are well known for Siege players, so those that try out the mobile version should be careful. 

It remains unclear if the game will launch more maps in the future. However, there's no reason to think otherwise. Only time will tell.

What operators will feature on Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile won't include all Siege operators. However, fan-favorites like Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, or Jäger will be in the game from the very first day.

We expect Thermite and Ash to be very important on the attack, while Bandit and Jäger will be key on defense.

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