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Operation Vector Glare new operator Sens, gadget, and more details revealed

Sens could be hiding behind the green flare.

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Banner image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has released more information about Operation Vector Glare today, including a brief video for the game's newest operator.

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Sens is Operation Vector Glare's new operator

A new operator is coming with Operation Vector Glare! Following Azami's incorporation into Team Rainbow, it's now time for Sens.

Néon "Sens" Ngoma Mutombo is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker. In the video released by Rainbow Six Siege, Sens is seen using their new gadget — the name is still unknown. However, we have already seen the gadget in action. The attacker can throw it, which lets out some kind of green flare.

It is difficult to know what their new gadget brings to the battlefield. If we focus exclusively on the video, we can see that the operators inside the green flare are unable to be seen from the outside. The video also shows us Sens shooting at a camera from the inside, which makes us think that it will be able to detect utility from the inside. It could be like a type of Mira window for the attackers, although the range would be way bigger.

We will have to wait until May 22, when Rainbow Six Siege releases more information about Sens, the upcoming Team Deathmatch map, and much more included in Operation Vector Glare.

What do we know about Operation Vector Glare?

Operation Vector Glare will include many new features. First, the already mentioned Sens, and a new map. The newest map will be located in Greece and will only be playable on Team Deathmatch. In addition, we will most likely see various changes regarding the friendly fire sanctions.

According to the Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 roadmap, we will also have arcade modes, a new time-limited event, and a shooting range.

Believe us, you should be excited about what's to come. Follow the Charlotte Major this weekend as the new operation will be announced on the final day of the competition!

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