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Rainbow Six Siege releases new operator gadget teaser for Operation Vector Glare

We finally have visual confirmation of the new gadget.

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Banner image: Rainbow6Game

As we head to the final stages of Operation Demon Veil, players are eager to know more about the upcoming season: Operation Vector Glare.

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege announced Greece as the location of the new Team Deathmatch map, including a picture of it. Although the image doesn't give out much information about the characteristics of the map, everything leads us to think that we are looking at a map made to have a high number of gunfights.

Today, a new teaser has been uploaded to the game's social media. Keep on reading to not miss out on any detail!

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Operation Vector Glare's new operator gadget

It's finally here! We finally have some visual information about the newest operator gadget, which will be brought to the battlefield by the newest operator in the game. Some people have named it "Beyblade." Others, "tactical Beyblades."

Although we now know how the new gadget look like, we have very little information on what is going to do. The only thing we can do is guess.

The new gadget is circular. It looks like a gadget that can be thrown or deployed to a surface. Inside it, we can see nine mines in a diamond shape — the question is now, what are these mines going to do? Well, maybe they eject some kind of gas or are similar to a Candela.

We will have more answers on the May 22 when Ubisoft unveils Operation Vector Glare.

Harry's Wall included the new Vector Glare gadget

Do you remember Harry's Wall?

Harry's wall includes many pictures and information about current and upcoming maps and operators in Rainbow Six Siege. If you have some spare time, we highly encourage you to have it a look!

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Yep. Those designs are part of Harry's wall. Interesting, right? So, technically, today's tweet isn't giving us any new information. The design is the same, although the mines inside of it look triangular.

We can't wait for the 22nd of this month!

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