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Here's how to get Renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege

Having Renown in Rainbow Six Siege is important.

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In Rainbow Six Siege, you can unlock operators and skins by spending R6 Credits or Renown. While the first option needs you to spend real money on the game, the second lets you unlock items with in-game, fictitious money.

With this in mind, it's easier to understand why players are so interested in Renown and the ways the game offers to get it.

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How to get Renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Renown is obtained by playing Rainbow Six Siege. You can get up to 400 Renown for each game played, depending on the results of the match. The number can get bigger depending on various factors, which are related to Siege's Renown Boosters.

Renown Boosters are packs that last for some time and will increase the amount of renown you get per match. The downside of them is that you must pay 180 R6 Credits. We think it's a great idea to purchase them if you are going to spend time playing the game. Don't purchase boosters in the case you won't use them, as that's just lost money that you can spend on unlocking new operators or skins.

If you have the premium version of the Battle Pass, you will be awarded Renown Boosters by climbing through the Battle Pass tiers.

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Another way to get more renown is by having teammates who are using them. This is a free option for you, as you don't have to pay for it but your teammates have.

You can also play Quick Matches for renown, as these are usually shorter than Ranked or Unranked matches. For a Quick Match win (maximum five rounds) you will get around 200-280 renown, while for a Ranked or Unranked win (maximum nine rounds) you will get around 320-400 renown.

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Another option you have to get more Renown is completing the Ubisoft weekly challenges. These give you 250 renown per challenge, so with five challenges per week you can obtain up to 1,250 renown each week.

The challenges aren't difficult at all, asking you to win rounds with certain operators, or getting kills with a certain type of gun.

Can I sell skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Some players wonder if they can sell skins in order to get Renown back. Unfortunately, this option doesn't exist in Rainbow Six Siege. Plain and simple, players can't sell skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Being able to sell skins for Renown could give players the option of selling their Alpha Packs skins for a fair price. Imagine if you could sell all of those common skins that you will never use!

How to spend Renown in Rainbow Six Siege

You can spend renown on the following items in the game:

  • Operators: You can spend renown on operators. Depending on when the operators were launched to the game, the price will be different. Most recent operators will cost you 25,000 Renown, being this the most expensive price in the store for a game character.
  • Skins: Renown can be spent on skins, including weapons, uniforms, headgears, attachment skins, or charms. Sadly, you won't be able to spend Renown on R6 Share items.
  • Alpha Packs: You can spend Renown on unlocking Alpha Packs, which will award you with cosmetics.

As you can see, Renown is very useful. Keep playing Rainbow Six Siege to obtain more Renown and improve your experience in the game!

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