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Destiny 2's BRAVE arsenal will be available sooner after devs backtrack

More time to grind

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Bungie has responded to fan criticism of the BRAVE arsenal release schedule for Into the Light and will now make all guns available by April 30.

Previously, only six of the 12 reissued weapons would be available with the start of Into the Light on April 9 with the remaining six releasing every week until May 21. Now, according to the developers, the final six guns will be released in batches of two per week, with all guns being available by April 30.

Via the Destiny2Team Twitter account, the developers revealed that it's important to have fresh loot to chase following the weeks beyond Into the Light's release, but will now decrease the time players have to wait to get their hands on all of them.

We still think it's important to have fresh rewards to look forward to in the first few weeks, and we want to pack the first half of Destiny 2: Into the Light before we introduce more playable content in the second half.

The criticism of the decision to release half of the BRAVE arsenal on a weekly basis also stemmed from the fact that the highly coveted Superblack shader is tied behind acquiring all of them, essentially time-gating that reward as well.

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Bungie also reminded players about the limited-time variants that have unique ornaments. While they come with curated rolls, leading many players to assume that grinding for random rolls will eventually yield better results, the devs promised they'll come with exciting perk combinations

They also mentioned that the quests to get them will be relatively simple, meaning that even those Destiny 2 players with less time to grind will come out of Into the Light with some amazing weapons.

Into the Light will release on April 9 bringing a new mode, Onslaught, and a new social space, the Hall of Champions. Stick around Siege as we'll have more content in the coming weeks.

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