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Destiny 2 Scintillation linear fusion rifle: How to get and God Roll

Time to farm Nightfalls

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Destiny 2 players always try to get their hands on the best weapons to complement their builds, and the new Scintillation fusion rifle will definitely be one you'll want to acquire as soon as possible.

Linear fusion rifles have fallen off the meta in recent months, however, the Scintillation has an amazing perk pool and it's relatively easy to get that farming it should be at the top of your Destiny 2 to-do list.

So, if you want to know how to get the brand-new Scintillation linear fusion rifle and the God Rolls for both PvE and PvP, we've got you covered. For more God Rolls, check out our guides for the No Hesitation assault rifle and The Call sidearm.

How to get the Scintillation linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2

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The Scintillation linear fusion rifle can be acquired as a Nightfall reward. Nightfalls are harder versions of strikes and other content found within the Vanguard Ops playlist.

For reference, this is the Power Level required for each difficulty of Nightfalls during Episode 1, Echoes:

  • Advanced: 1995PL (Uncommon drop)
  • Expert: 2005PL (Common drop)
  • Master: 2010PL (Common drop)

Furthermore, Grandmaster Nightfalls are also available for those who reach 2020PL. If completed, you'll get access to an Adept version of Scintillation. Keep an eye on the Nightfall schedule to know when the linear fusion rifle is up for grabs.

Once you've unlocked the Scintillation you can use the Zavala focused decoding system and acquire further rolls. This is how much it costs:

  • Five Vanguard engrams
  • 25k Glimmer

Scintillation God Roll in Destiny 2

Scintillation is an extremely versatile weapon that will definitely shine in PvE but perhaps will struggle to find a place in PvP. In any case, here are our recommendations for both:

Scintillation PvE God Roll

  • Column 1: Arrowhead Brake, Smallbore
  • Column 2: Enhanced Battery
  • Column 3: Auto-Loading Holster, Slice, Rewind Rounds, Envious Assassin
  • Column 4: Reservoir Burst, Hatchling

As you can see, this weapon shines in PvE due to the high amount of perks that synergize well with each other. Being a Strand linear fusion rifle that comes with the Adaptive Burst frame, meaning it shoots three rounds in succession, you can take advantage of perks like Rewind Rounds and Envious Assassin to maximize your DPS potential.

The fourth column offers some interesting perks as well, with Hatchling being ideal due to the amount of precision final blows you'll be able to land with linear fusion rifles.

Scintillation PvP God Roll

  • Column 1: Arrowhead Brake, Smallbore
  • Column 2: Enhanced Battery
  • Column 3: Auto-Loading Holster, Cornered, Rapid Hit
  • Column 4: Reservoir Burst, Firing Line

The PvP options are not nearly as good for Scintillation, coming with some basic options that don't put this linear above others. Still, if you can land one with Cornered or Rapid Hit to help you get out of a tricky situation or Firing Line if you're planning on sticking close to your teammates then it can become somewhat viable.

Do keep in mind that Scintillation comes with three Origin Traits: Stunning Recovery, Vanguard's Vindication, and Veist Stinger. For PvE, stick with Veist Stinger as it's one of the best traits in the game. In PvP, however, you'll get the most out of Vanguard's Vindication.

And that's it, for more content, check out how to get the Ergo Sum exotic sword and all about its God Rolls.

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