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Destiny 2 Ergo Sum: How to get and God Roll

An exotic sword with random rolls

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The grind doesn't stop for Destiny 2 players, especially those who are looking to get their hands on the new Ergo Sum exotic sword. Considering this new weapon comes with random rolls, it's understandable the community is so excited about it.

Ergo Sum is a brand-new sword introduced with The Final Shape expansion, and getting it requires a few steps. Once you unlock your first one, acquiring subsequent versions of the exotic sword with random rolls is infinitely easier.

So, if you want to know how to unlock the Ergo Sum and the ability to farm for God Rolls, here's everything you need to know. While you're here, consider checking our Dual Destiny exotic mission complete guide to help you unlock the exotic class items.

How to unlock Ergo Sum in Destiny 2

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To unlock your first Ergo Sum exotic sword you need to complete multiple quests in the game, including:

The Destined Heroes exotic quest is rather simple but has some time-consuming steps such as completing two extra quests: List in the Light and Found in the Dark. Once that's done, you'll get your first Ergo Sum and the ability to farm it weekly.

How to farm Ergo Sum in Destiny 2

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Farming the Ergo Sum is extremely easy, each week, you'll get access to two rolls via The Pale Heart pathfinder.

Pathfinder is a new way to access rewards introduced with The Final Shape, complete certain activities, and reach the final tier to get your new Ergo Sum. You don't need to do all, simply follow a path by doing select objectives.

Ergo Sum God Roll in Destiny 2

Now that you have access to farmable Ergo Sum exotic swords, these are the perk combinations we recommend:

  • Blade: Jagged Edge
  • Guard: Swordmaster’s Guard
  • Frame: Lightweight Caster
  • Element: Void
  • Exotic Trait: Wolfpack Rounds or The Perfect Fifth

How to get the Ergo Sum catalyst

Getting the catalyst is simple but only dedicated Destiny 2 players will be able to get it as it requires you to complete the grandmaster version of Excision, The Final Shape's final mission. It requires a Power Level of 2020.

This is what the Ergo Sum catalyst does:

  • Transcendent Steel: Dealing damage with a Transcendent grenade grants Ergo Sum ammo.

And that's it, for more content, check out our best Warlock Prismatic build in Destiny 2.

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